Food & beverage internal communications

Streamline food service operations with the #1 internal communications tool for management, staff, and stakeholders.

Food and beverage employees are hungry for job satisfaction


of employees in the industry turn over annually


work unpredictable schedules, in poor conditions


are confident in finding a better job elsewhere


quit due to burnout and feeling undervalued

Serve up better employee experiences with ContactMonkey

Keep everyone informed

Communicate changes to staff about food service operations, policies, and schedules.

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Train food safety

Promote clean and safe work by educating staff on food safety with regular training.

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Reward good work

Improve culture with employee recognition and feedback tools to motivate staff.

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Enhance compliance

Minimize incidents, illnesses from poor-quality products, recalls, fines, or lawsuits.

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Better employee communications from farm to table

Manage food safety from production to plating

Promote food safety to staff and suppliers across different departments and locations
  • Standardize messaging with our drag-and-drop email template builder
  • Add training videos, manuals, and guides on food safety and procedures
  • Tailor messages to teams, individuals, or shifts, and monitor engagement

Collaborate with everyone in real-time

Establish clear roles and enable multiple team members to create and edit updates simultaneously
  • Attach purchase orders, invoices, and operational updates to Outlook or Gmail
  • Report food safety monitoring with checklists, audits, and inspections
  • Keep all communications in one place, track changes, and access anytime

Know what drives your people and reward them

Employee recognition reduces turnover by 31%. Know your people’s needs and support them when they win
  • Build a positive culture of transparency via pulse surveys, polls, and shoutouts
  • Support employee needs and offer flexibility to enhance work-life balance
  • Minimize excessive overtime and allow for predictable schedules when possible

Reduce incidents, illnesses, and recalls

Improve compliance with food safety protocols using clear and timely communication
  • Send reminders on food safety, equipment operation, and emergency protocols
  • Alert workers on risks and hazards to reduce contamination, injuries, and damage
  • Coordinate timely corrective action with incident and recall reports

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Food and beverage communication FAQs

Effective internal communications in the F&B industry can be the difference between a successful organization and a failed operation. With a strategic comms strategy, organizations can maintain consistency in their service standards and ensure all staff are aligned with its goals and procedures. Clear comms can address issues quickly, such as food safety concerns or customer complaints, which can impact business reputation.

ContactMonkey provides internal communicators in the food and beverage industry with internal email software that integrates with Outlook or Gmail. Its features include a drag-and-drop email builder for easy content creation, email tracking, and open feedback channels and engagement features which empower organizations to deliver targeted, timely, and engaging updates to their staff. Effective communication ultimately leads to a more informed and engaged workforce.

“ContactMonkey makes it quick to create dynamic, engaging emails for our team. It was easy to implement and everyone who uses it picked it up really quickly.”
Jeff Genung

Senior Director of Internal Communications

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