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Reduce safety risks and keep your crew safe with timely SMS and email.

SMS and email win with field workers


of frontline workers want to be more informed


don’t have a corporate email address


don’t feel safe at work from physical harm


don’t have access to company intranet

Connect your frontline staff from power plants to boardrooms

Reach employees instantly

Send SMS updates to field workers, even during power outages or when internet is down.

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Ensure safety and compliance

Deliver protocols and alerts to specific sites and teams while adhering to regulations.

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Gauge worker satisfaction

Promote participation through surveys, polls, and two-way feedback.

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Leverage useful data

Monitor message delivery in real-time and refine content for future comms.

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Streamline field operations with SMS

Quickly reach frontline workers with SMS, even in areas with poor network coverage
  • Share emergency or routine operations with select teams, shifts, or sites
  • Get quick resolutions with to-the-point texts
  • Manage shift scheduling and time-off requests, all from mobile

Prioritize safety first, last, and always

Keep utility workers updated on safety, environmental standards, and laws
  • Send live weather alerts to mobile devices for outdoor worker safety
  • Notify staff about maintenance schedules, service disruptions, or restoration efforts
  • Add training materials as multimedia and links to stay compliant

Drive workplace engagement

Analyze employee interaction and tailor your messages for deeper engagement
  • Build engaging, media-rich messages with our drag-and-drop email builder
  • See when texts are opened and read to refine future content and scheduling
  • Track open rates, click-through rates, read times, and other metrics

Promote two-way feedback

Encourage teams to voice their concerns, share suggestions, and ask questions openly
  • Use feedback surveys to capture employee needs and preferences
  • Boost engagement with interactive polls, quizzes, and pulse reactions
  • Monitor open rates, click-through rates, locations, and more in real time

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Utilities communication FAQs

Internal communicators in the utilities industry rely on several communication channels to notify employees of power outages, water main breaks, or other service disruptions. By doing so, they can take necessary precautions and resolve issues promptly, with the right information accessible to them. Some of these include SMS emergency alerts, weather warnings, training modules, feedback surveys, and resources to aid their work.

By keeping dispersed workforces informed about upcoming changes, utilities companies can enhance their transparency, stay compliant, and minimize risk.

The utilities industry operates in high-risk environments where safety is critical. Effective internal communications gives organizations peace of mind that their employees are informed about safety protocols, procedures, and updates to reduce workplace injuries. .

Utility companies also rely on a complex network of infrastructure and personnel to deliver essential services. Clear and timely internal communications can coordinate operations, optimize resource allocation, and reduce downtime to ensure reliable services.

With stringent government regulations and compliance requirements, utility companies must keep their staff informed about regulatory changes and updates to policies to avoid unintentional violations, fines, and reputational damage.

  • Limited access to technology: Many frontline workers in utilities may not have company email addresses or are posted in remote areas with poor network coverage, such as water treatment plants or construction sites. These limitations can make it challenging for them to receive or send information in real-time, as compared to their colleagues in-office. Frontline workers may also feel disconnected from decision-making processes if there is a perceived lack of transparency or feedback loops.
  • Shift work and scheduling: Frontline workers typically work non-traditional hours, which can be challenging to keep all employees informed simultaneously when coordinating communication efforts across different shifts.
  • High-stress environment: Responding to emergencies and power outages can test how effective an organization’s internal communications are. Frontline workers are often responsible for resolving critical safety concerns and tasks, which requires having  the right and timely information.
  • Mobile apps and employee SMS: Provide instant access to important information, updates, and resources. Frontline workers can be alerted with safety procedures, shift scheduling, and access training materials while they’re on the go.
  • Employee feedback and surveys: Enable utilities companies to understand employee perspectives by gathering insights and suggestions, identify areas of concern and improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their communication strategies.
  • Data analytics and real-time insights: Analyze open rates, engagement metrics, and feedback responses to gauge the effectiveness of their communications. Findings can help to personalize messages and address communication gaps experienced by their employees.
  • Integration with existing systems: Streamlines workflows and ensures seamless information sharing across departments. Enhances efficiency, reduces duplication of efforts, and improves overall communication effectiveness.

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