Product Updates

Product Updates April 2022: Many New Improvements!


By Maithili Jha


Our newest updates will bring you greater flexibility, seamless email design, and faster text formatting 


Dark Mode 

This feature enables the simulation of rendering designs on devices with dark mode enabled.

Switch to dark mode on the preview screen to see how your email newsletter will look to recipients who use the dark mode setting in Outlook or Gmail. 

Paragraph Content Block

Enjoy an elevated user experience with the Paragraph Content Block, which overcomes several formatting issues. With font-weight control, easier copy-paste functionality, and text toolbar enhancements, building employee emails will be even more seamless than before. 

List Content Block

The List Content Block enhances ease of use by providing unique formatting options for numbered and bulleted lists, giving users more granular control over list formatting. Specifically, we have added properties to manage the list type, spacing, and indentation. There is also a “start from” option for numbered lists to provide additional flexibility.

Support for HTTPS Custom URLs

This update allows our enterprise customers to customize tracking URLs to their own domain when tracking email opens and clicks. 

Other Improvements 

  • Enhancements to Default Colors
  • Enhancement to Commenting 

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