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  • Sending emails to a company with more than 500 employees across multiple branches is a big challenge, and Sara and her team at EPS Group wanted an easier way to send engaging emails to their dispersed employees. 
  • Their previous emails were falling flat and Sara wanted a surefire way to increase and track engagement.
[We] were putting together four page documents, essentially really wordy, long, boring emails. And [the team] put so much work into it and yet they had no engagement rates…
  • Sara wanted an easy way to add engaging content—like animations—to the communications from different departments, such as Health and Safety in order to make important information stand out to EPS employees and build a stronger company culture. 
...it's all about numbers. It's about colour. It's about interactivity. It's about getting a huge amount of information out there but in a really engaging way.
  • During her search for software to boost employee engagement, Sara’s team found it frustrating that many internal communications “solutions” didn’t allow in-depth customization and personalization. That is, until she found ContactMonkey. 


  • Sara was immediately impressed with ContactMonkey’s eagerness and enthusiasm to meet all of her internal communications needs. IDP needed a solution that would support teams to understand the impact of their internal communications.
We didn’t feel like we’d be just another account to the ContactMonkey team, instead, it felt like they were truly interested in actually supporting us to achieve our aims. We were left in no doubt that we could rely on the on-boarding team for support along the way
  • During her search for an internal communications software, Sara came across ContactMonkey. After attending a demo, Sara saw that ContactMonkey allowed for the customization that she was looking for. Instead of just sending nameless, faceless emails and never getting any responses, the EPS communications team needed a better way to try and make their communications into a two-way channel. 
...it's the personalization that really does it for us. And it's also the fact that we can be on brand. We can have our corporate identity and people start to recognize that similarity when it pops into their inbox.

How ContactMonkey’s Email Builder and Analytics Dashboard Helped EPS

  • Personalization plays a key role in getting Sara’s employees to open and engage with emails.
  • Sara uses multimedia content in ContactMonkey’s email templates to highlight key information.
  • Real-time email analytics allow Sara and her team to pinpoint when their email creates the most engagement.
  • With a data-based approach, Sara can easily demonstrate the value of internal communications to internal leadership.
You can say you want to engage people, but then how do you measure it? It's not that I've got to justify my existence on it, but it helps. It's nice to be able to stand over your approach, pull a report and say, "Having regular, relevant, engaging  communication with our team is something we set out to improve and thanks to ContactMonkey, we can show that we certainly have and will continue to do so.

Key Results

We have a very good overall engagement rate. We’re averaging around 69-70%.
  • Sara and her team are all about increasing employee engagement. With ContactMonkey, they’re able to quickly and accurately measure how their employees are engaging with their content. 
  • As soon as Sara and her team started personalizing their subject lines with ContactMonkey, they saw an increase in their overall engagement rate. “We ask a question, it’s personalized, and that’s made all the difference.”
Our first ContactMonkey communication was funny. We released a safety alert about tumble dryers. I started the subject line with a question, "Is your tumble dryer on the list? Almost instantaneously my phone starts ringing and employees start replying to our communication. From our point of view, it showed that the investment was worth it. People were responding.
  • And with her new ability to measure engagement in real-time, Sara has no problem demonstrating the value of her internal communications. She can track email open rates and click-through rate trends to pinpoint exactly how much her content has impacted employee engagement. 
...we can embed [videos] into ContactMonkey. They look amazing. And having that fresh, in-house content really increases the engagement levels as well..
  • ContactMonkey is helping the team in opening up lines of communication to different areas of the company, from health and safety, HR updates as well as more general company newsletters - with all content centralised and sent through the communications team using ContactMonkey.
  • Initially, pitching a platform like ContactMonkey to the senior management team was a challenge, but when the contract was rolled out, it was a no-brainer for them.
You can condense your figures and say, "We've got X% open rate, we’re doing what we set out to do - our people are engaging with us.” It’s so much easier to see the value in having a platform that gives us measurables, gives us tangible figures.

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