How to Gain Honest Employee Feedback for Better Engagement

Thursday, October 29, 2020

12:00 P.M. EST | 9 A.M. PST

Employee feedback is critical to understanding how your people feel about the organization. Yet, getting honest feedback from employees is often a challenge.

Going beyond the formalized feedback mechanisms, and fostering informal, two-way communication with your employees might just do the trick!

Join us on Thursday, October 29 at 12:00 p.m. ET as we share useful tips on how you can collect regular, genuine feedback from your employees to develop a stronger company culture.

What you’ll learn:

The correlation between communication, employee engagement, and profitability

Common roadblocks to gaining honest feedback from your workforce

Email newsletter tools that help collect employee feedback and engage employees

Maithili Jha

Digital Marketing Manager at ContactMonkey

Pierce Schoel

Account Executive at ContactMonkey

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About Maithili Jha

Maithili is a Digital Marketing Manager at ContactMonkey. She has extensively worked with firms focused on building a more engaged and satisfied workforce. Alongside her B2B marketing experience, this gives her a big-picture perspective on employee engagement and the role of effective internal communication in driving organizational growth. In her free time, Maithili loves to explore new places, learn new skills (the keyboard, most recently), bake, or binge watch TV shows.

About Pierce Schoel

Pierce Schoel is an Account Executive in charge of Key Accounts at ContactMonkey. Pierce works with our largest corporations, to help provide engagement solutions across global locations and divisions. His Sales background comes from both SaaS and Staffing, where he focused on the software industry. In his spare time, Pierce likes to stay active, watch sports or enjoy some R&R with friends!