Email Tracking for Internal Communications

An internal communications email tracking software for real-time email tracking from Outlook and Gmail.

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Real-Time Email Tracking

Know exactly when your emails have been opened, clicked, from where and on which device. Perfect for internal communicators who want to strategically improve employee engagement with a data-driven strategy.

Personalize Every Message

Send personalized messages to thousands of employees with Outlook Mail Merge or Gmail Mail Merge.

Send At The Right Time

Use Gmail delay send and Outlook send later to schedule emails for later to ensure you reach your employees at the ideal time.

Internal Email Analytics

Use dashboard analytics to identify your best performing email subject lines, links, cities and more. Share results with your Internal Comms team and analyze results to create more effective internal email communications.

Engaging Employee Communications

Create, engage, send, and track personalized internal communications newsletters and updates right from your Outlook and Gmail inbox. Use our drag and drop email template builder to create beautiful responsive HTML emails within Outlook or Gmail and send to your existing employee mailing lists!

“It’s been really helpful to test and try various subject lines, experiment with what times of the day work best for reaching our audience and ensure we get maximum opens.”

– Ashley Allen,  Director Strategy Communications, Cimpress

See How Email Tracking Works

See ContactMonkey in action in this 3-minute demo video.

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