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"Game Changer for Internal Communications! ContactMonkey has gorgeous, built-in HTML templates and its insight into email activity is amazing. "

-Renee S, Director of Learning and Development

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Preview your email designs on both desktop and mobile to make sure your messages are responsive and look just the way you intended, even in Outlook.

Preview Desktop and Mobile

Choose from dozens of pre-designed internal email templates or upload your existing responsive HTML email designs straight to Outlook to get started.

Choose Your Template

Use our simple drag-and-drop email template builder to customize your email template design to match your companies brand colours, messaging and imagery style.

Design Your Template

Send & track your beautifully designed HTML employee newsletter to your existing Outlook distribution lists from your Outlook inbox.

Send & Track Your Employee Emails

Create Beautiful Emails within Outlook

From the inbox you’re already familiar with 

Integrate With Your Email Client

Install right into your Outlook or Gmail inbox. Available for Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Office 365 and Gmail. Create, send and track all your employee emails within your inbox. 

Personalize to Every Employee

Personalize email subject lines and body copy in one click to each employee on your distribution list, dynamic distribution group or upload a CSV file.

Measure Email Data within Outlook

Measure at an individual employee or aggregate campaign level to identify what works, what doesn't, and continually improve your employee communications.  

Send your beautiful branded newsletters to your existing Outlook distribution lists. Never worry about maintaining or exporting your employee email lists to an external system ever again.  

Send to your Distribution Lists

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