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Mettler Toledo saves 25 days a year by streamlining internal communications with ContactMonkey

kate kraley internal communicatorWith Kate Kraley    Marketing Communications Specialist
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Key results from using ContactMonkey

Increase in open rates
Days saved a year
Fewer emails sent

Usage Results:

“I was able to save 4 hours of work a week, which translated to 25 days saved per year! ”

“For the first time, we are hearing feedback on our communications.”

Industry: Electrical/

Electronic Manufacturing

Employees: 15000+

Previous Tools: +

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About Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. In addition to Mettler Toledo’s broad product offering, they have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies. The company focuses on providing innovative instruments that integrate technologies including application-specific solutions for customers.

About Kate Kraley

Kate Kraley is the Marketing Communications Specialist at Mettler Toledo. She is responsible for internal communication for Mettler Toledo North American Marketing Organization, where she connects over 15,000 North American employees to the company and to each other through visually exciting and engaging messaging.


We faced challenges with Mailchimp. Since we had to leave Outlook to use Mailchimp, we found it was double the work to maintain distribution lists in both Outlook and Mailchimp. The HTML build in Mailchimp was also difficult to use as it didn’t work well with older versions of Outlook, compromising the layout.

When Kate took charge of internal communications for Mettler Toledo, she knew email was a key communication channel but recognized it was challenging to communicate in an engaging way with employees. Her team was communicating via a
variety of channels including e-newsletter templates, eNews
and print quarterly newsletters, Kate recognized they needed
an internal communications email software that would:

  • Make employee communications more engaging, visually pleasing and interesting.
  • Track how many employees were actually reading
    and engaging with internal emails.
  • Create employee communications that are personalized, targeted and enable the team to gauge if internal comms messages were being sent at the right time.

They tried to solve the challenges by purchasing an online HTML email template and trying to incorporate more of the company’s visuals into communications. Kate also turned to Mailchimp, taking advantage of the tracking features offered by the newsletter tool to track email opens and employee engagement levels. Kate found the time it took to create eNews using multiple programs, which included the HTML builder, Outlook, and Mailchimp, was totaling 8 hours per week!


Kate started investigating other solutions and discovered ContactMonkey via the IABC Hub in 2018. She signed up for the free trial and began testing the solution.

Once I started using ContactMonkey, I realized I was able to save 4 hours of work a week, which translated to 25 days saved per year!

With ContactMonkey’s internal communications email software, the Mettler Toledo team benefited in the following ways:

  • They were able to create visually captivating emails employees were actually interested in reading with ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder.
  • The team found the layout cleaner and easier to use and customize.
  • The team was able to stay within Outlook and use existing Outlook distribution lists to send employee newsletters and updates. They’re able to personalize each email using employees’ names even when sending to large lists.
  • Quickly access email metrics within Outlook, enabling the team to see what times their emails are being opened and gauge the best times for sending internal emails. The team saw a 33% increase in open rates for their most disengaged audience in comparison to sending via Mailchimp.

Key Takeaways

Using Mailchimp was such a pain that we only tracked eNews. Once we started using ContactMonkey and analyzing the data this tool gave us, we could convince our leaders we needed to use more eNews rather than ad-hoc emails because open rates for eNews were higher. ContactMonkey has helped us understand what employees are interested in!

The Mettler Toledo team could now get creative with their email templates using ContactMonkey’s drag and drop email template builder. Now they have the ability to incorporate real employee images, brand colours and personalize messages.

  • Since launching their combined eNews the team is sending 206 less email per year and have increased open rates on average by 6%. Open rates for their most disengaged distribution list of employees has increased by 33%.
  • Kate and her team were able to save time (25 days per year) by staying within one solution, wherein they were able to pull their lists together, create HTML emails and send without having to worry about how their emails would look on different devices and clients.

We get a lot more attention on announcements and for the first time, we’re hearing feedback like “Wow, I really liked that announcement.” In the past we just sent text in documents and hoped people were reading them. Now we know they want to read them because they are fun to read!

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