You asked, we answered. Over the past year, we were often approached by clients looking for an internal comms tool that will allow them to use Outlook distribution lists to reach out to their employees – and track the resulting engagement.

“We need a tool that can help us send out more effective communications,” said one of our top clients when he first contacted us in search of an internal comms tool. We noticed that a lot of internal communicators want to build strategies that are effective and appealing to their audience, but lack tools to measure and track their efforts.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that internal communications professionals struggling with employee engagement have a new secret weapon with the launch of ContactMonkey’s Internal Comms.  

The product’s key feature is the ability to send personalized mass emails from your Outlook inbox using existing Outlook distribution lists and contact groups. All emails are tracked on both an aggregate and individual level, giving internal communicators a quick way to see how the email performed, who opened it, and who clicked on the embedded links.

Our head of corporate sales, Mark explains how easy it is to use this new feature in the video below:


Why You Should Use The ContactMonkey Internal Comms Tool

  • Send personalized emails, straight to your Outlook Distribution Lists: You can personalize all internal comms emails right from your Outlook inbox, with only one click. Use Outlook Distribution Lists to send out mass, personalized emails to employees.
  • Track all link clicks: Track every email open and link click so you know how many employees are being reached. You can see track the number of times a link was clicked on, based on every individual recipient.
  • Smart Analytics: Don’t just personalize. Analyze. Measure how your internal comms perform by observing your open rates, click rates and more.
  • Send with Attachments: Don’t just send internal emails guessing if the report or proposal you attached was viewed by employees. You can track how many employees opened the proposal or report you attached with the email. Use data on engagement to streamline your internal comms strategy and enhance internal outreach and engagement.
  • Salesforce Integration: Our Salesforce Email Integration proves we specialize in syncing Outlook with Salesforce. Now, all internal comms have BCC and Salesforce Email Template support — so syncing to Salesforce is just a click away.

Your employees deserve great communications, just like your customers.

We know that you spend the same amount of time, effort, and resources on engaging with your internal staff.

Considering the critical role internal communications plays in a corporate setting, we’ve created a new product that can simplify and streamline both the distribution and measurement process for users.

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