Slack Alternatives: Choosing Internal Communication Channels in 2020

Do you know what the Slack alternatives are for communications? Have you ever thought who would win in Slack vs Email battle?  That seems to be the question on every communicator’s mind as they evaluate which internal comms tool to incorporate in their internal communications strategy. For the uninitiated, Slack is a workplace messaging software [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Sending Internal Emails Your Employees Will Love

What if your employees actually read and liked your internal emails?  The world of internal communications (IC) has undergone several changes in the last decade, driven by intense competition for talent; a distracted workforce; and the rise of employees who care deeply about values and missions, not just about a paycheck. On top of that, [...]

What’s Worrying Internal Comms Professionals Today? – CommsChat Recap

Earlier this week we had the pleasure to host an edition of CommsChat with Communicate Magazine. CommsChat is an online conversation about all things communications, including PR, marketing, internal comms, and digital strategy. For this edition we focused on the topic that drives our mission: how to promote employee engagement through internal communications. In the hour-long [...]

Everything you Need to Know About the 2018 IABC World Conference

Bonjour, internal communicators! ContactMonkey will be at the 2018 IABC World Conference next week in Montreal, from June 3-6. The IABC World Conference is where thousands of communicators meet every year to exchange best practices, polish off their skills, and learn about disruptive new technology making their life a little easier. This year’s IABC World [...]

GDPR Compliance: The Zero Stress Guide for Internal Communicators

GDPR is here, everyone freak out! We’re kidding. But that does seem to be the sentiment emanating from sales and marketing teams in Europe and around the world. Can I still send cold emails? How will this affect prospecting? ARE WE GOING TO BE OKAY? The answers to those questions are: yes; you’ll have to [...]

Outlook Mail Merge in Office 365: How to Mail Merge in Outlook

Our new Outlook Mail Merge tool lets you send beautiful HTML emails without leaving Outlook. Now you can get the best of both worlds: the power of the cloud without having to leave Outlook to send a mail merge.  As you know, internal emails and employee newsletters can increase employee engagement, morale, and overall business performance. Historically [...]

What’s GDPR and Why Are We Excited About It?

 What’s GDPR and Why Are We Excited About It? GDPR will come into effect this month on May 25, 2018, and will aim to protect private citizens’ personal data, regulating how organizations in the EU (and, by extension, the world) gather, utilize and protect personal information. The last couple of years haven’t exactly been sunshine [...]

Podcast for Employees: Tips for Creating an Internal Communications Podcast

Creating a podcast for employees can help increase employee engagement in an organic and conversational way. As the world becomes more disrupted due to advancements in digital technologies, it’s becoming harder to truly engage with employees. With new social media platforms, an array of online collaboration tools and instant messaging apps such as Slack, your [...]

Infographic: Internal Comms & Change Communications

Infographic: Internal Comms & Change Communications What’s the role of an internal communicator when it comes to change communications? To keep employees informed? To deliver messages consistently and on time? To create messages in a format in which people actually read them? Yes, yes, and yes. Get Outlook email tracking for distribution lists [...]

Infographic: Tools Disrupting Internal Communications

Infographic: Disrupting Internal Communication Tools   We live in a disruptive world, where new tools and technologies are constantly changing the way we work. The internal comms industry is no exception and has evolved in many ways, drastically changing the way communicators interact and engage with internal audiences. With the changing landscape of organizations, both large [...]

Disruptive Internal Communications Tools and Trends 2019

Internal communications tools and trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to managing a diversified workforce. In this blog, we’re examining modern internal communications tools and trends so that you can effectively communicate and keep employees engaged as workforces change and new disruptive trends emerge. Gone are the days when employees worked in an [...]