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Send personalized messages to 2, 20, or 200 contacts.

Send personalized messages to 2, 20, or 200 contacts
with Gmail Mail Merge or Word Mail Merge.

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Personalized emails perform up to 6 times better than unpersonalized messages. Use Word Mail Merge or Gmail Mail Merge to write a message that sends to 2, 20, or 200 contacts but maintains the feel of a one-on-one email.


Send in Seconds

No copying and pasting. No manual entry. Plug ContactMonkey into your inbox to create merges and send en masse. With Mail Merge creating personalized mass emails is fast and painless.


Track Every Email

ContactMonkey instantly tracks every email open and link click sent in your merge through Outlook or Gmail. See who’s opening your emails, where, and on what device.

Send mass emails from Outlook or Gmail. Build and send powerful personalized messages right from your inbox.

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Powerful Personalization

Send mass emails to up to 200 Outlook or Gmail contacts while keeping a personalized feel. You won’t find an easier bulk email sender. Insert documents into your message and send one email that looks different to 200 recipients!

Perfect Previews

How will your message look to your recipients? See for yourself. Use the interactive preview to view the email from the other side and see how it will appear to every recipient.

Import Contacts Seamlessly

It doesn’t matter where you keep your contact lists. Use Google Contacts or import your CSV spreadsheets with just the click of a button.

Mail Merge Tracking

Learn when, where, and on what device your email gets opened so you know exactly how and when you need to follow up. Email tracking lets you see what happens to your emails after your merged messages – or your regular emails – are sent.

Send at the Perfect Time

Use Gmail Delay Send to schedule emails for later, all from within the comfort of your inbox. Get your messages delivered when your prospects will actually see them.

Bring Salesforce to Your Inbox

ContactMonkey’s Salesforce Email Integration is built to save you time and make you more money. It’s the most advanced and the simplest Salesforce email integration on the market.

Gmail Mail Merge With Attachments

Attach files or documents of up to 5MB to any personalized email. The attachment will be included with every email in your mail merge.


“ContactMonkey helps me to connect with my customers more effectively than ever before.”

-Karl Johanson, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange

How Mail Merge Works

Watch a brief demo to see how Gmail Mail Merge and Word Mail Merge can transform your emails. Merge emails and merge documents to give your messages a human touch.




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Complete email tracking features for the busy professional

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