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About BASF Group

BASF SE is a German chemical company and a leading chemical producer in the world. The global headquarters are located in Ludwigshafen, Germany, with offices and production sites around the globe.

About Mark

As Global Communications Manager within BASF’s Agricultural Solutions group, Mark Kaplan coordinates with other BASF internal communicators to help drive employee engagement. Mark is responsible for sending internal communications to over 2000 employees and keeping them engaged while they work remotely and on site (both desk and deskless employees).


  • Mark was tasked with keeping employees’ in BASF’s Agricultural Solutions group informed about the latest company news.
  • He had to avoid overloading his employees with emails, as BASF has many different overlapping distribution lists and employee groups. Managing remote employees’ email intake is crucial, as too many emails can make them tune out entirely.

“[We] try to be very strategic with what we’re sending out because people are already getting a lot.”

In addition to coordinating emails with other BASF groups, Mark understood the challenge of getting BASF’s management on board with a dedicated internal communications tool. Mark knew that his internal communications tool had to do more than just make the email process easier; it had to be able to provide concrete results that are easily communicable to management.


  • Mark uses ContactMonkey to create engaging internal communications for BASF employees.
  • His goal is to not overwhelm them with emails knowing the complex structure of BASF’s distribution lists.
  • He ensures employees receive and read crucial information by creating great-looking email templates using the email template builder, and using email analytics to pinpoint when his open rate will be highest.

How ContactMonkey’s Email Builder Helped BASF

With ContactMonkey’s email builder, Mark and his team were able to:

  • Collaborate easily with each other by working on email templates simultaneously, and monitor changes in real-time.
  • Choose from a library of well-designed email and newsletter templates to jump-start their email design.
  • Leverage a simple drag-and-drop HTML email template builder to customize email design.
  • Build responsive email designs, and preview them on desktop and mobile before sending.
  • Create engaging email content by adding videos, social share icons, and customized HTML code.

Key Results

“Having a tool like ContactMonkey really gives us some proof points, which we wouldn’t otherwise have to prove the effectiveness of our internal communications.”

ContactMonkey helped Mark prove the business case for an internal communications software. Not only did it make the email creation process easier, it also helped him gain concrete results that made it easy to showcase impact to management.

When creating internal communications during COVID for BASF, Mark relied on ContactMonkey’s email template builder to create engaging emails for his employees:

“ContactMonkey has been instrumental for us managing internal communications during COVID. I was drawn to the fact that it was so easy to create templates and just make everything look perfect without needing some kind of outside agency or knowledge of how to do it, or without spending six hours making a single email.”

But above all, Mark can easily show how valuable internal communications are for BASF using ContactMonkey. After downloading his analytics report from the campaign dashboard, Mark can back his conclusions with hard data:

“ContactMonkey has been great in that I can download a report, attach it to an email, and send it to our top leadership and say, “Oh, wow. 88% of the organization opened this in the last 24 hours, I think we should do more of this.” It’s that little extra credibility.”

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