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Email tracking for Gmail lets you see when your contacts open your messages and click your links. 

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Keep Tabs on Every Email

Strike while the iron’s hot. Don’t just see when your emails have been opened, but from where and on which device. Gmail email tracking lets you plan the perfect follow-up.

Follow Your Leads

Get live desktop notifications  so you instantly see every email opened and clicked as it happens, no matter what you’re working on.

gmail email tracker
email tracker gmail

Focus on Who’s Interested

Find out who’s opening your messages the most so you can focus on your hottest leads. Know who’s ignoring you so you don’t waste your time.

Time to Perfection

Click the send later button in your Gmail compose box to automatically delay your message to a later time. Gmail Delay Send lets you specify the timing down to the minute.

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how to track if email is read in gmail

Personalize Your Emails

Write one email that turns into 2, 20, or 200 but maintains the feel of a one-on-one message. Gmail Mail Merge is streamlined for simplicity, so you can send in seconds and track every last email. Send mail merges with attachments of up to 5MB.

View Your Stats

Use the Gmail tracking dashboard to see your top email subject lines, links, cities, and more. Open the graph analytics to get an overview what’s working – and what isn’t – at a glance.

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how to see if an email was read on gmail

Track as a Team

With email tracking for Gmail, you can track how many emails your team has been sending, how many times they have been opened, and see which subject lines work best.

Bring Salesforce to Gmail

Bring the power of Salesforce right into your inbox with Salesforce Gmail Integration. Skip the hassle and keep all your Salesforce tools exactly where you want them.

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How Gmail Email Tracking Works

Every tracked email tells a story. Watch a brief demo to see how ContactMonkey integrates with your Gmail.

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