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FAQ on Email Tracking

How does email tracking work?
ContactMonkey tracks every email you send and gives you a real-time notification in your sidebar when your email is opened, how many times it’s been opened, the location, the device used to open it as well as what hyperlinks have been clicked.

Where will I see email tracking data?
ContactMonkey will populate a sidebar on the right side of Outlook and Gmail. It will tell you give you a live feed of who has most recently opened your emails and also let you filter down to just important people. You will also receive desktop notifications when an email is opened or a link is clicked.

How do I connect ContactMonkey with Salesforce?
When you first install ContactMonkey, you will see a message at the top of the sidebar above your email tracking data, “Want to try our Salesforce integration?”. Click that and it will open a popup window from Enter in your Salesforce credentials, then click Allow for ContactMonkey and you will see a success screen. Close that success window and click “reload” at the top of the sidebar. You may then have to restart Outlook or Gmail to make sure all the settings are up to date.

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