Send and Add Email to Salesforce from Outlook


If you’re already working in Outlook throughout the day it only makes sense to do as much from there as you can. That, of course, includes accessing the full functionality of Salesforce. But that can often be challenging and time-consuming: switching between the two programs can get in the way of your workflow and interrupt your productivity. The good news? With ContactMonkey’s powerful side panel, you can do the important work where you are spending your time already – your Outlook inbox. That includes sending and adding an email to Salesforce. Yes, right from your Outlook inbox. Here’s how.

salesforce mass email

Switching between Salesforce and Outlook is a drag.

Let’s say you are sending an email to a hot new lead.

As usual, you:

  1. Click the “New Email” button in Outlook
  2. Address the email to your lead
  3. Type in a subject that you know will get their attention
  4. Track your emails and links with ContactMonkey’s Outlook Email Tracking
  5. Enter your compelling sales pitch

Ready to go, right?

Wrong! Don’t hit send yet. Just think…wouldn’t it be great to be able to send this email and at the same time update your lead in Salesforce? Before you send your message, add one more step: click the “Bcc to Salesforce” after you click the tracking buttons near the top left corner of your Outlook window.

Send and Add Email to Salesforce

This will automatically sync the email with the rest of your Salesforce data. If you want, you can add further details, relating the message to Standard or Custom Objects. There is really no reason for you to not send and add email to Salesforce! With ContactMonkey, you can even add emails to any standard or custom object with just 1-click – right from the comfort of your inbox. It’s a special feature offered exclusively by ContactMonkey’s powerful side panel, built into your Outlook inbox.


 Want to make your life a little easier today?

No more sending emails, switching to Salesforce, finding your Lead or Contact, copying and pasting into Contact or Lead notes and then adding activities or updating statuses. Now, you can use Outlook where you were already working to send and add email to Salesforce. Remember: every minute you save doing your mundane tasks you can then spend doing the things that warrant your time, that make use of your skills, and that drive your business forward.

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