New Feature! Salesforce Gmail Calendar sync

Gmail Calendar Sync

Editor’s note: This feature was recently released on Outlook. If you’re an Outlook user, check out Outlook Salesforce Calendar Sync

Our team of highly-trained scientists donned their thinking caps, affixed their lab goggles and pondered some telling statistics.

If you use Salesforce, you’re one of 5 million active users of the the CRM. If you use Gmail, you’re one of 1 billion active users of Google’s flagship email program.

The crossover is huge. That’s why we like to think our Salesforce Gmail Integration is more relevant than ever.

We hear quite a lot about the daily experience of Salesforce users everywhere. And we always hear about one, huge, incredibly common complaint: people are fed up of wasting time by switching between Salesforce and their inbox.

Shudder. The words “wasting time” make our blood run cold.

In fact, we’re kind of obsessed with finding ways to stop wasting time.

That obsession has driven us to create some pretty innovative inventions. An example, you ask?

Look no further than 1-click add emails to Salesforce. It’s a feature that (as the name implies) lets you sync emails to Salesforce in a single click.

But back to our scientists.

After some trial and error, we’re pleased to announce they’ve concocted a powerful new feature that will pique the interest of Salesforce and Gmail users across the globe.

Introducing Salesforce Gmail Calendar sync

With Salesforce Gmail Calendar Sync, you can create, edit, and delete appointments and meetings in Gmail – and instantaneously sync them to your Salesforce calendar.

How does it work?

You’ve seen this before. The Gmail Calendar is your one-stop-shop for visualizing your week, planning meetings, and occasionally analzying how many minutes you have left until the weekend.

sync gmail calendar

The “Sync to Salesforce” button – now built into your Gmail Calendar courtesy of ContactMonkey – shows this powerful new feature is already alive in your inbox.

sync gmail calendars

Next, let’s say you want to set up a marketing meeting at 2 PM. Click, as you normally would, in your calendar…Synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce Calendar

Where you will be greeted by this page.

Syncing your Google and Salesforce Calendars

But now, once you add a “guest” ContactMonkey’s ready to populate all their Salesforce info right in your sidebar.

Sync Google Calendar and Salesforce

Now, all you have to do is click the calendar icon next to the your guest’s name…

Google Calendar Salesforce integration

…and  the meeting or appointment will instantly sync to your Salesforce calendar the moment you save the meeting!

But what’s really neat is the new ability to 1-click add a calendar invite to a custom object. Let’s imagine you’d like to create an event related to your custom object called “properties”.

All you have to do is click on the icons next to your recipient’s name – and next to your custom object, like this:

Once you click send, you’re done. Everything’s synced in one magical click.

If you quickly check back in Salesforce, you’ll see that everything’s been synced for both yourself, and your guest.

And remember, if you ever decide to edit the information in Gmail or cancel the meeting or appointment, the changes are automatically synced to Salesforce, too.

Event Templates

Just like the rest of the ContactMonkey suite, this feature gives you impressive customization to let you get the most out of your sidebar.

With the Event Template feature, you can select a few fields from the event page before saving an event.

Now, you’ll never have to add meetings to Salesforce, then manually changing the types and fields. The Salesforce times have most certainly changed!

Try it Today!

Ultimately, our mission is to make sure you save time when working in Gmail.

Since we detest switching between Salesforce and Gmail so much, you can trust us to find the simplest ways to avoid doing it. Boom!

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