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When trying to get emails from Outlook into Salesforce I used to have to take too many steps. I had to either copy and paste the contents into the appropriate location. Or if I had an email to case, or email to lead address set up I could forward that message to the address and then wait for Salesforce to update and then go find it. This was not very convenient or efficient. Now using ContactMonkey’s Salesforce for Outlook I can do everything right from my mailbox.

We all use email a lot; I bet it is way more than you think. Finding a way to make all that work more efficient is a great way for all of us to save time. Salesforce for Outlook lets you work on emails in Outlook and  Salesforce at the same time. You can also add emails you have received in your Outlook mailbox directly to your Salesforce Org. Let’s make a little bet, if I can show you how to save a significant amount of time using a Salesforce for Outlook mentality you just leave a comment below saying “Salesforce for Outlook rocks!”, ok?

I read a study on email usage done by Sara Radicati PhD, in it Sara gives some eye opening statistics. In 2011 the average number of emails sent/received per user each day was 105. Think about that for a minute. 105 emails a day, if you could save two minutes per email using Salesforce for Outlook that would be 210 minutes a day! If told you I could give you back 210 minutes during each of your work days what would that be worth to you?

But wait it gets better! During 2015 that number of sent/received emails will climb to 125 per person, that would be 40 more minutes saved for a total of 250 minutes saved! And that number is expected to climb to 140 emails each day by 2018, saving just two minutes per email would add 280 minutes of productivity to your day.

How to use Salesforce for Outlook

These numbers I am throwing around are pretty staggering, so let’s break it down a little bit more. I am actually going to suggest that when you are sending an email from your Outlook mailbox and then you are also adding it to a contact or account page in Salesforce manually it is going to take you a little less than two minutes. Even though just waiting for the page loads or switching between your windows is going to take more than 30 seconds, it will most likely not take more than a minute per item copy and paste the same messages into Salesforce. So let’s just make it one minute, 60 round seconds of time to capture the same work in Salesforce that you just did in Outlook.

The Radicati Group breaks that total number of emails down into number of messages sent, received, and how many of them are actually legitimate emails vs. spam messages. Let’s take a look, in 2011 the average emails a single user could expect to send/receive was 105. The breakdown looks something like this, 72 of those 105 are the messages received, 58 of which are legitimate messages you have to deal with, 14 are spam and 33 the number sent out. (hopefully none of your messages are considered spam!) For 2015 we are looking at: 84 received (71 legitimate, 13 spam) 41 sent. Thankfully spam is going down thanks to better filters.

Now if we recalculate our productivity increase in using a Salesforce for Outlook tool considering that we won’t be working on any spam messages, we get 112(2015 numbers) legitimate emails that we can save at least one minute on by not having to send the email from Outlook and then copy everything into Salesforce. That’s could be as much as 112 minutes per day saved. Nearly 2 hours!

How about it, is saving nearly 2 hours per work day, or 560 minutes per 5 day work week, significant? Will you honour our little bet and leave me a comment stating that Salesforce for Outlook rocks! ?


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