Salesforce for Outlook by ContactMonkey.
Use all of Salesforce from your inbox.

Make your email more powerful. Connect ContactMonkey with Salesforce.

Add Salesforce for Outlook

Add or edit a Lead or Contact without leaving your email.

Stay in your email and use Salesforce

Add Salesforce for Outlook

Never forget to Log a Call again. Do it right from your Outlook Inbox.

The quickest way to log a call

Add Salesforce for Outlook

Need to Follow Up? Create a Task right from your Inbox.

Create Tasks the easy way

Add Salesforce for Outlook

Schedule an Event right when you get the email.

If it’s not in Salesforce, it’s not in your calendar

Add Salesforce for Outlook

Did your opportunity just change? Update it quickly.

Make your life easier

Add Salesforce for Outlook

ContactMonkey's Salesforce for Outlook Integration is certified by and featured on the AppExchange

ContactMonkey is a Salesforce AppExchange certified partner. Our Salesforce integration is built to save you time and make you more money. It’s the most advanced and simplest Salesforce for Outlook integration on the market.

Why did we build Salesforce for Outlook? Because no one wants to flip back and forth between Outlook and Salesforce 100 times a day just to keep information up to date.

Sometimes Salesforce can be a pain to use. ContactMonkey’s Salesforce for Outlook makes your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it support Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013?      Yes

Does it support IMAP and POP3 email servers?      Yes

Does it support Microsoft Exchange?      Yes

Does it support custom fields?      Yes

Does it support profile permission roles?      Yes

Does it support custom page layouts?      Yes

Does it support record types?      Yes

Does it support Salesforce custom objects?      Yes

Can I pick and choose which standard and custom objects I want to see in my sidebar?      Yes

Does ContactMonkey’s Salesforce for Outlook support Enterprise Edition Salesforce?      Yes

Does it support Unlimited Edition Salesforce?      Yes

Does it support Enterprise Edition Salesforce?      Yes

Does it support Professional Edition Salesforce?      Yes

Does it support Group Edition Salesforce?      Yes

Does ContactMonkey’s Salesforce for Outlook make your life easier?      Absolutely