Creating a Strong Company Culture With Internal Communications

We all want a workplace that is productive and rewarding, don’t we? A strong company culture is the essence of a thriving organization.  Yet, we find ourselves stumped when trying to meaningfully execute a culture strategy that actually works. Building a strong company culture is not easy. After all, it involves addressing a gazillion different [...]

Infographic: Why Employee Experience Matters?

Here's Why You Need to Understand Employee Experience at Your Organization! If you're curious about what employee experience is, why it matters and how to convince your executive team to take employee experience seriously, then this blog is for you.  What is Employee Experience? According to a guest post written for ContactMonkey on employee experience [...]

4 Must-Have Attributes of a High-Performing Sales Team in 2018

4 Must-Have Attributes of a High-Performing Sales Team in 2018 So your sales team is full of people who are great at what they do, but does it actually feel like a team? And are you all working together like a well-oiled engine or pulling against each other as you run in different directions? Lots [...]

4 Resources on How to Create Salesforce Email Templates

It has never been easier to provide timely responses to common queries.  This week we launched ContactMonkey Templates for Gmail. We now support Salesforce Email Templates across Gmail and Outlook. ContactMonkey Templates facilitate streamlined integration with your Salesforce Email Templates. They allow you to respond to everyday questions from your inbox with a pre-designed response template. [...]

Six Ways To Use ContactMonkey Email Templates

You see them in your inbox all the time - glaringly short, incredibly repetitive, the routine questions you receive every day from a client or team member. Time to respond to the same inquiry for the 1000th time. As a software company, we understand that sending the same email over and over is part of [...]

The Best Email Tracking Software for Outlook Online in 2017

The Best Email Tracking Software for Outlook Online in 2017 UPDATED March 21, 2018: You already know you need to track your emails. You want to stop with the constant confusion over where your emails go once you send them, and you want to find out whether or not people are reading the messages you [...]

Partner Spotlight: Kcloud Technologies

ContactMonkey is very happy to announce our partnership with Kcloud Technologies. Kcloud is a leading development firm, they provide Salesforce consulting and development services. With a technical support team that is available 24/7 for all types of Salesforce support. Kcloud has clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and India.  Here are some [...]

CASE STUDY: Avid Technical Resources

“ContactMonkey is an invaluable insight tool for any sales-driven organization.” AVID Technical Resources is an IT recruiting firm headquartered in Boston, MA. Since their inception in 2003, AVID has grown to be among the leading IT recruiting firms in the country. This explosive growth has led to a number of awards and recognition. Inc. Magazine [...]

Was my message received? How to enable email open confirmations

Whether you’re a high-powered business person, or just a humble student, there’s no worse anxiety than sending an email and wondering if it’s been read. ContactMonkey for free) Maybe what you wrote was a bit edgy and you are afraid for how it’s been received and the regret is just starting to sink in. Have [...]