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Product Updates May 2020: eNPS Surveys

We’ve been hard at work making our drag-and-drop template builder even better, and our latest improvement is one we’re particularly excited about: eNPS Surveys for your employee newsletter! Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric used to measure your employees’ level of engagement. An eNPS survey asks employees to respond to an engagement-related question [...]

Internal Email Tracking from Outlook in 2020 

If you’re an internal communications professional looking to invest in internal communications software, or better understand the data behind your internal emails to increase employee engagement, you’ve come to the right place!  Why Consider Internal Email Tracking for Internal Communications? What employees want is one of the main concerns of internal communications professionals today, especially [...]

Office 365 Internal Comms Add-in for Mac: A Great Internal Comms Tool

With our new Office 365 internal comms add-in, life just got a whole lot easier for internal communicators around the world. ContactMonkey’s popular internal comms plugin is now available as a web add-in for Microsoft Outlook for Mac for Office 365, as well as Windows and Outlook Web App (OWA). Creating, sending, tracking and measuring [...]

Twitter Chat Recap: Is Email Dead?

Twitter Chat Recap: Is Email Dead? Last week, we sponsored #CommChat, an online Twitter chat hosted by IABC. With the recent launch of our Internal Comms Product, we’ve been conversing with communicators to learn more about the industry, and one burning question always came up in our discussions: Is Email Dead? Communicators around the globe [...]

How to Use Mail Merge in Outlook

ContactMonkey now offers a pretty exciting way to personalize emails right from Outlook. Say hello to Mail Merge in Outlook. This feature allows you to send personalized messages, employee newsletters and more to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts at once using merge fields. But why should you care about how to use Mail Merge in Outlook?    1. You'll Get More [...]

Introducing ContactMonkey Internal Comms

You asked, we answered. Over the past year, we were often approached by clients looking for an internal comms tool that will allow them to use Outlook distribution lists to reach out to their employees - and track the resulting engagement. “We need a tool that can help us send out more effective communications,” said [...]

A Year in Review at ContactMonkey: Meet Your New Sales Enablement Software

For the past year, the team at ContactMonkey has been extremely occupied. We didn’t monkey around as much as we wanted (well, maybe a little) and found ourselves at the drawing board month-after-month, coming up with great new releases based for our sales enablement software based on our customer feedback. As we’ve added more features [...]

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Sending Mass Email

We all know that one person who loves to give advice, but the results from that advice may not be greatest. If you don’t have solid evidence to back something up, how do you know that it really works? Sometimes, you have to take advice from others with a grain of salt. This is especially [...]

The Best 8 Times You Should Use Schedule Gmail Sending

Is there any method to your email-sending madness? Or do you just send them whenever you get around to it? (Or when you’re burning the midnight oil?) You can actually schedule emails in Gmail to send at certain times. So technically, there’s really no excuse not to be scheduling your emails. But the trick is [...]

How to Delay Sending an Email in Gmail

I get it. You're wondering how to delay sending an email in Gmail. You're looking to save time and be more productive. It seems like you're always playing catch-up with your inbox. No matter how hard you work, there are always new leads to contact, new messages to send, and updates you must deliver. Wouldn't [...]

Why the Gmail Email Limit is Killing Your Business

Did you know there's a Gmail email limit?  Well, technically, you can send bulk emails from Gmail. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. While Gmail is a great platform for both personal and business use, one of its major flaws is the lack of bulk messaging. It’s not that you can’t send [...]

How to Set The Out of Office Message in Outlook

Vacation time is here again and there seems to be always so many things to do before you leave the office. Are you like us and always forget how to set your out of office message in Outlook? I can already hear the beach calling my name, luring me in with an endless supply of [...]

Outlook Salesforce Calendar Sync: Why You Need It For Your Sales Team!

Over the years, we’ve obsessively packed the ContactMonkey sidebar with Salesforce integration features that make our plugin the lazy salesperson’s dream. Want Salesforce Email Integration for your inbox? We’ve got you covered. Want to 1-click add emails to Salesforce? No problem. But now, fresh off the assembly line, is the latest, shiny update that we’re convinced our [...]

How to Save Time with Mail Merge in Gmail

How to Save Time with Mail Merge in Gmail You know the feeling. The day has flown by, and it feels like you've wasted all your time on pointless tasks. Instead of tackling the important projects that will make a difference for your company, you've spent the day manually sending yet another round of sales [...]

New Feature! Gmail Mail Merge Add On With Attachments

Gmail Mail Merge Add on With Attachments We know, you love ContactMonkey’s Gmail Mail Merge add on. And we also know that you’ve achieved eye-watering success with sending mass, personalized emails right from your Gmail inbox. After all, personalized emails are up to 6 times more effective than unpersonalized ones. “Can the Gmail Mail Merge [...]

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows You might not think Outlook desktop alerts could have much of an impact on your sales game. But we've come up with something different: desktop alerts you'll actually want. Face it - when it comes to selling effectively, having context and insight is everything: what are your prospects doing? When [...]

New! Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support

New! Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support [/fusion_imageframe] Now breathe out, relax, take a bath, read one of ContactMonkey’s expert blog posts, and come back to see who’s been opening your emails. Have you tried Gmail Mail Merge? Add to chrome for gmail

Send Emails Later With Gmail Delay Send

After launching Gmail Delay Send for ContactMonkey a few months ago we had an amazing response. 50,000 signups and some fantastic user feedback later, we're pleased to announce some game-changing upgrades to the feature. Here it is, the new and improved Gmail Delay Send... What's New? Find and Edit Your [...]

Gmail Scheduling is Going to Optimize Your Work Week

We’ve all been there: Friday afternoon with the clock ticking. 4:45 rolls around and we think we’re home free. But, then your inbox pings and one more email slips through, begging to be read. To hell with it, you’ve got a weekend at the cottage planned and nothing is going to keep you working late. [...]

New! Incognito Mode Support

Happy Thursday! You know what that means: the weekend's almost here, tomorrow's a write-off, [insert popular musician of choice] is playing tonight.... oh, and ContactMonkey has another new feature. Woohoo! ContactMonkey is all about working where you work. That's why this week we've added Incognito Mode Support to ContactMonkey's roster of features. Track With [...]

Sales Style: Being There

Being There – Sales Style In one of my previous posts, No Such Thing As Too Soon, I presented an argument for jumping into the fray early, and the advantages it can provide a seller.  But the early mover advantage fades quick unless you take concrete and consistent actions to maintain it and win the deal.  [...]

It’s Time for an Email Tracking Upgrade

ContactMonkey is about to be better than ever. In just the last two weeks we've added and upgraded three powerful features: Gmail Delay Send, Word Mail Merge with Email Tracking, and improved Desktop Notifications. But, we haven't stopped there, with our new pricing updates, we're giving ContactMonkey users more flexibility than ever. Don't want to commit [...]

Desktop Notifications With Gmail

At ContactMonkey, we're all about streamlining your workflow. That's why this week we've overhauled our notifications to make them more powerful than ever. That means no matter what you're working on or how many tasks you're juggling, you can stay on top of who's reading your email, when, and what they're clicking on. [...]

3 Reasons to Update Salesforce from Your Inbox Now

Update Salesforce from your inbox now! What are you waiting for?! Here are three compelling reasons for you to stop flipping back and forth between your inbox and Salesforce.com today: 3 Reasons to Update Salesforce from Your Inbox Now 1. Save 60 Minutes Today Using a tool like ContactMonkey can eliminate up to 70% of the [...]

Connect for Outlook Retiring

Connect for Outlook has been a great way to connect Salesforce with Outlook. However as of October 2015 Salesforce will be ending support for this product. However don't fret! There's another even better service available which will connect your Outlook with Salesforce. Connect for Outlook Replaced by Salesforce for Outlook ContactMonkey's Salesforce for Outlook Allows you to [...]

Outlook Delivery Receipt vs. Outlook Read Receipt in 2018

What's the difference between tracking your emails using an Outlook Read Receipt versus the Outlook Delivery Receipt? Sometimes, in confusion, people even ask, "Is Outlook delivery receipt not working?" just because they expect it to behave like an Outlook read receipt.  It's a question we get asked a lot, so we decided to create a definitive, comprehensive [...]

Link Tracking for Outlook

Link tracking lets you see who clicks on any links you send in an email. Simple, right? Well, it sounds simple because it is simple, but the insights you get from knowing who's clicking on your links are far more than that simplicity might suggest. Link tracking is a brilliantly useful tool in a huge range of [...]