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Vorsight Blog: Don’t change the subject – How your email subject lines could be sabotaging your sales goals

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Funnelholic Blog: Top 5 Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

How long do you spend on writing the perfect email subject line? 10 seconds? 10 minutes? 10 hours? New research suggests that you are wasting your time. Email tracking service, ContactMonkey, has analysed over 30 million emails to find out what works best for their users.

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The Best Working E-Mail Subject Lines

One of the critical elements to success in prospecting is getting the person to open you note. If they do not recognize the sender, the next most important factor is the subject line, and if you like many prospect using e-mail, the subject line becomes the key difference between being opened and potentially starting a sales cycle, or being deleted.

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op – How to Get Your Emails Opened (Infographic)

Below is an infographic from ContactMonkey, a company that tracks emails after they’ve been sent. The company analyzed 30 million emails and discovered that the best way to get an outside (sales) email opened is to look like it came from inside.

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