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4 Groundbreaking Internal Communications Lessons from 2018

2018 left us many important internal communications lessons -- let's see what lessons we can build on top of these before we leave the past behind.  Happy new year! With 2018 behind us, there's no better time to embrace the old adage of "out with the old and in with the new!" A new year [...]

Boost Employee Engagement During the Holiday Season: 5 Tips for Comms Pros

Ever wondered how to boost employee engagement during the busiest time of the year? As an internal communicator, you’ll know that coming up with New Year and Holiday messages that resonate with employees during the holiday season requires tons of planning and work. But you can choose to look at it differently. After all, everyone’s [...]

How to Use Virtual Reality in Corporate Communications

For the past couple of years, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have excitingly risen in prominence. From the use of virtual reality in corporate communications, to the groundbreaking success of games like Pokemon Go, there are clear signs that we're all ready for these technologies. What this means for internal comms professionals trying [...]

6 Tips to Build a Solid Internal Communication Plan

Ever thought about building a solid internal communication plan? Or are you looking for an internal communication template to help with your planning? This is important to consider in today's world of digital disruption. Never have internal communicators had so many channels available to them. Whether it's an employee collaboration tool like Workplace by Facebook [...]

Top 12 Design Tools for Internal Communications Pros

Are you looking for the best internal communication tools or the most effective employee communication tools that will help you design beautiful visuals without relying on a designer? Then this blog is for you! As an internal communications pro, have you ever wished you had access to design tools that’ll enable you to no longer rely [...]

Guerrilla Internal Communications: Meet The Gorilla Games Judges

Are you wondering what guerrilla internal communications is? Have you had a chance to think about what we’re looking for in terms of submissions for The Gorilla Games? Last week, we interviewed our partner for The Gorilla Games contest, Mike Klein, who’s the Founder of Changing The Terms and also one of the judges, who’s [...]

The Gorilla Games: Putting Next Practice Before Best Practice

A guerrilla approach to marketing, more commonly known as guerrilla marketing can be described as "an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results." We believe guerrilla tactics can help unleash your inner creative, which is why we decided to start The Gorilla Games competition. We also think internal comms [...]

Webinar Recap: Unleashing Your Inner Rebel In Internal Comms

What does it mean to be a rebel at work or a rebel within internal comms? That's the question we set out to answer during our most recent live webinar with Communications expert, Advita Patel. Advita has over 14 years of experience in Internal Communications and Transformational Change and has worked in a variety of [...]

How to Optimize Your Sales Team’s Professional Selling Skills

If you're a business owner, you know how imperative it is to get the most out of your sales team in order to maximize key business results. This is especially pertinent today as the sales process has become much more challenging, evolving with the needs of buyers over the years.  In order to do this, however, leaders [...]

How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms (Free Webinar)

Internal communications is an important department in any top-performing organization. You know that, we know that. However, there seems to be a disconnect between how internal communicators see themselves and how the rest of the organization perceives them. As we've covered before, some see IC as email proofreaders or party planners. This inaccurate perception hurts the influence [...]

3 Ways Internal Comms can Work with HR to Create an Effective Workplace Culture

Who determines the workplace culture at your company? Is it the function of Internal Communications. Or is Human Resources (HR) supposed to dictate organizational culture? The answer is: it depends. Many companies don’t have a dedicated internal communications unit. In that case, HR handles many of the activities that would normally fall within the realm [...]

3 Internal Communication Campaigns to Increase Employee Engagement

As an internal communications professional, you're responsible for providing employees with key company information in a timely manner. Naturally, not all company news is exciting, but you still need to ensure that employees get the message. There are countless ideas online about what to include in an employee newsletter when you're starting out, and how [...]

FREE Webinar: Leveraging the Power of Internal Comms in an Era of Disruption

We are living in a digitally disruptive world. It’s pretty noisy out there! The only constant lately seems to be change. Whether it's the external environment of heightened anxiety around social and political issues, or internal organizational environments that are dealing with the impact of technology, demographics and globalization, disruption is all around us.  Which [...]

10 Must-Read Internal Communications Books for Internal Comms Pros for 2020

Finding compelling communication books to add to your fall reading list ain’t no easy task! In this blog, we've listed 10 of the best internal communications books to help you boost employee engagement within your organization. While some of the books are designed specifically for internal communications professionals, other books are written for a marketing [...]

What’s Worrying Internal Comms Professionals Today? – CommsChat Recap

Earlier this week we had the pleasure to host an edition of CommsChat with Communicate Magazine. CommsChat is an online conversation about all things communications, including PR, marketing, internal comms, and digital strategy. For this edition we focused on the topic that drives our mission: how to promote employee engagement through internal communications. In the hour-long [...]

Everything you Need to Know About the 2018 IABC World Conference

Bonjour, internal communicators! ContactMonkey will be at the 2018 IABC World Conference next week in Montreal, from June 3-6. The IABC World Conference is where thousands of communicators meet every year to exchange best practices, polish off their skills, and learn about disruptive new technology making their life a little easier. This year’s IABC World [...]

5 Ways to Control Your Inbox

5 Ways to Control Your Inbox & Read Email Better   Let's face it, we love getting email. We might not always like to read email, but while no one wants to admit it, there's a thrill about getting a new message. Who's sending it? What do they want? Does it represent a new [...]

Sending a Follow Up With Email Tracking Software

Sending a Follow Up With Email Tracking Software Email tracking software is a salesperson's best kept secret. Why? Because figuring out the right time to send a follow up email plays a crucial part in driving leads. The window of opportunity to sending a follow up email to drive leads is incredibly narrow. If [...]

Five of the Most Important Social Media Influencers

5 of the Most Important Social Media Influencers Social media literacy: in 2017, those three words aren't just a resume filler - they represent a skill that many people claim to have but that few people legitimately possess. But the strength of a person's grasp of social media can undoubtedly vary. For many, it's [...]

Email Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Gets Read

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Gets Read Email marketing: for an enterprise so complex, it’s stunning how simple the blueprint for success in this field can be. In the most basic terms, every single last email marketing pro has one particularly strong desire: maximizing the chances of the recipient opening and reading [...]

The 3 Elements of a Prospecting Email

While in Canada e-mail has been neutered by our supposedly business-friendly Prime Minister, in other parts of the free world, e-mail continues to be an effective way to initiate engagement with new potential buyers.  And while some may be shaking their head in disbelief, done right it contributes to prospecting success, but as usual, [...]

Why You Should Use an Email Tracker

Are you looking for an email tracker to successfully start internal email tracking? Looking to up your sales game using email? You've come to the right place. Imagine the scenario below. You spend a ludicrous amount of time writing an email to an exciting sales prospect. You re-read it about fifty times. You agonize over [...]

The Best of the Blogs: Microsoft Blogs

It’s the undisputed giant of modern computing. Its latest operating system is used on 400 million devices around the world. Its Office Suite is used by more than 1.2 billion people in 140 countries. It is, of course, Microsoft - a company whose owner is famous for being the richest man [...]

5 Email Marketing Influencers You Should be Following

Email Marketing Influencers “The multitude of books is making us stupid,” said the French philosopher Voltaire in the 18th century. If he were alive today, he would probably say the same thing about Tweets. After all, the human race sends out a mind-boggling 200 billion every year. That’s 500 million tweets [...]

Sales Tools for Salespeople

To borrow a phrase, “It is the best of times and worst of times”, is a good way to describe some of the realities facing salespeople these days.  On the best side of the ledger, we have access to more and more sales tools allowing us to do more things than we ever have, [...]

Five of the Most Important Marketing Thought Leaders

5 of the Most Important Marketing Thought Leaders In the age of online media, it’s easy to become worn down by the endless torrents of clickbait. It’s easy to grow wary of the fake news, the absurd headlines, and the ridiculous ads. If you’re anything like me, you’ve become something of a [...]