This will be a challenge for Internal Communicators to come up with a disruptive, "guerrilla" (or as we at ContactMonkey say 'Gorilla') approach in response to one of five epic internal communication challenges.  

Using your creativity and awareness of your strategic situation, you need to find a way to break through the status quo by introducing something that can’t go unnoticed – and will sit deep in people’s minds long after the first interaction.

Choose from the list of five challenges and demonstrate your strategic thinking skills and push the envelope of internal communication thought and practice.


There's a flu outbreak at work. Sickness-related absence is at an all-time high. Although you’ve been sending weekly emails on how to prevent the spread of germs, they keep getting ignored and more people just keep getting sick. For the sake of keeping the business running smoothly and efficiently, it’s time to get in your employees’ face and start being heard.


Employee engagement scores have plummeted 10 points companywide following the appointment of a new CEO and the launch of a far-reaching transformation program. How would you tackle this using a disruptive tactic? How will you make sure your employees’ voice is heard by higher management?

Your CEO has just told you to solve your biggest internal communication challenge - and not to worry about the budget this year. What would you really do about it if money wasn't an object?

Your company is going through budget cuts. The bad news: your internal comms budget has been cut by 25%. The good news: you can spend the remaining 75% on whatever you'd want. What will you do?

Your company has just gone through a merger and will undergo a rebranding. This has resulted in an identity crisis internally. You know many employees are not happy about the changes this will bring. How will you lead the rebranding efforts in a way that gets employees on board, rejuvenates the workforce and fosters a stronger company culture and identity?







The winner of this contest gets to see their idea come to life.

ContactMonkey and LP/AD (creative agency) will help to make a participant’s guerrilla internal communication tactic a reality by aiding in creation, set up, and funding*. Plus, the idea and execution will be highlighted across ContactMonkey’s digital channels.

Plus more many prizes!



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