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14 Best Outlook Add-Ins for 2020

Are you an Outlook user trying to optimize how you send out email communications? If so, have you thought about taking a look at some of the best Outlook add-ins to boost your productivity?  As an internal communicator, you need to find quick and easy ways to bolster effective communication in the workplace. Hacks for [...]

4 Groundbreaking Internal Communications Lessons from 2018

2018 left us many important internal communications lessons -- let's see what lessons we can build on top of these before we leave the past behind.  Happy new year! With 2018 behind us, there's no better time to embrace the old adage of "out with the old and in with the new!" A new year [...]

How to Deploy Internal Comms Storytelling Within Your Employee Newsletters

Have you ever thought about utilizing internal comms storytelling effectively to make your employee newsletters compelling? Don’t you love reading email newsletters that draw you in? Whether it’s the clever use of witty language within each email or outstanding employee newsletter design design, the key to a good email newsletter lies in being able to [...]

The Worst Mail Merge Fails (and How to Fix Them)

From the bad to the downright embarrassing, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst mail merge fails we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it’s hilarious, but also because before we show you how to fix the problem, it’s important to see how bad some mail merge issues can really get. We get it, sending [...]

How to Use Catchy Email Subject Lines to Get High Open Rates

Whether you're an email marketing professional or an internal communications pro in charge of sending your company's internal email newsletter, you need to internalize the art of writing catchy email subject lines. Effective subject lines act as a door to your email. Catchy email subject lines are the first thing that gets the reader’s attention [...]

Employee Experience: The Importance of Treating your Employees Like Customers

If you’ve spent any time in business you know about the importance of customer experience as a way to retain customers, reduce churn rates, and attract new customers. Similarly, in recent years top-performing companies have turned that kind of attention inwards. They’ve identified employee experience as a way to retain talent, make employees happy, attract new recruits, [...]

Update: A New Gmail, An Even Better ContactMonkey Plugin

ContactMonkey’s Gmail extension for creating, sending, tracking, and measuring sales and internal emails just got a fantastic makeover. To match the new Gmail's interface, we’ve got a new look -- and all the tools that you love just got better and faster. A New Gmail Update = A New Look (Yes, We Work Out) We’re always [...]

The Importance of Responsive Emails in Outlook for Employee Communications

Are you ensuring your emails in Outlook are responsive? Wondering how to avoid Outlook rendering issues? Looking for a how-to-guide on responsive email design? Read this blog to read about the importance of responsive emails in Outlook.  As internal comms pros, you all know the critical role your employee newsletter plays in your overall employee [...]

Introducing: Email Template Builder for Internal Communicators in Outlook

ContactMonkey's email template builder built for internal communicators using Outlook or Gmail is the alternative to Mailchimp you've been searching for! Simply put, now you can create beautiful responsive HTML email templates for your corporate communications and send from Outlook or Gmail! The ContactMonkey Email Template Builder coupled with your Outlook truly gives you the [...]

10 Things to Check Before Hitting ‘Send’ on Your Email Newsletter

Whether you’re sending an external email newsletter for customers or an internal newsletter focused on employee communication, testing should be an important part of your email newsletter workflow. Email testing can save you time, money and loads of headaches. A broken image, bad link, or incorrect layout can significantly affect your email engagement – causing your [...]

Internal Communications Myths: 3 Misconceptions About IC

The internal communications profession is incredibly rewarding. Bringing teams together using the power of words, aesthetically pleasing design, and a strong organizational culture is, frankly, a beautiful thing. However, sometimes the perception of what we do as internal comms professionals is so inaccurate it can get a little frustrating to deal with it. No, we’re [...]

Responsive Email Templates for Your Employee Newsletter: 13 Must-Have Options

Finding beautifully designed responsive email newsletter templates that render well across multiple devices (especially Outlook) is hard! If you’re an internal communicator responsible for crafting engaging employee newsletters within Outlook, you must be well aware of how frustrating this entire process can be. You may have tried to send responsive email newsletters from Outlook, learned [...]

What’s Worrying Internal Comms Professionals Today? – CommsChat Recap

Earlier this week we had the pleasure to host an edition of CommsChat with Communicate Magazine. CommsChat is an online conversation about all things communications, including PR, marketing, internal comms, and digital strategy. For this edition we focused on the topic that drives our mission: how to promote employee engagement through internal communications. In the hour-long [...]

GDPR Compliance: The Zero Stress Guide for Internal Communicators

GDPR is here, everyone freak out! We’re kidding. But that does seem to be the sentiment emanating from sales and marketing teams in Europe and around the world. Can I still send cold emails? How will this affect prospecting? ARE WE GOING TO BE OKAY? The answers to those questions are: yes; you’ll have to [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Email Templates for Sales

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Email Templates for Sales  During peak sales periods, it can feel impossible to answers all the emails in your inbox. On average, a business professional will send 124 emails each day. If you work an average of 8 hours a day, that is over 15 emails an hour [...]

How to Setup Custom Email Templates for Gmail

At ContactMonkey, we’re always looking out for teams and professionals actively searching for tools to optimize their sales pitch and simplify the sales cycle. So we're happy to introduce - email templates for Gmail. Our latest feature allows professionals to create their own email templates, right from their inbox. This great tool allows them to share [...]

How to Track Forwarded Emails in 2019

How to track forwarded emails in 2019 Do you need more information on the emails you send? Wondering how to track forwarded emails? If so, you're not alone. It's a good idea to know exactly who is using your emails, what they're doing with them, and if they're being forwarded to someone else. You need [...]

How to Set Up a Read Notification in Gmail

You know the feeling. That feeling when you wish you could get a "read notification" or read receipt in Gmail. You click the send button, and then wait. And wait. And keep waiting. It seems like most of your working hours are spent waiting for a response for this or that important email. You wish [...]

How to Delay Sending an Email in Gmail

I get it. You're wondering how to delay sending an email in Gmail. You're looking to save time and be more productive. It seems like you're always playing catch-up with your inbox. No matter how hard you work, there are always new leads to contact, new messages to send, and updates you must deliver. Wouldn't [...]

Why the Gmail Email Limit is Killing Your Business

Did you know there's a Gmail email limit?  Well, technically, you can send bulk emails from Gmail. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. While Gmail is a great platform for both personal and business use, one of its major flaws is the lack of bulk messaging. It’s not that you can’t send [...]

How to Set Up Google Analytics Email Tracking

How to Set Up Google Analytics Email Tracking: A Step-by-Step, No Holds Barred Guide for 2018! Are you wondering how to set up Google Analytics Email tracking? Yearning to find a way to start tracking your email opens? If you're looking for a highly accurate way to keep track of who's opening your emails, I've got the [...]

Email Tracking for Gmail in 4 Easy Steps

You're frustrated because you're not sure how to get email tracking for Gmail to work. You've written beautiful emails that should capture the hearts and minds of your clients, coworkers, and friends. If only there was some way to get email tracking for Gmail to work! You make sure each email will perform well, whether [...]

Everything you need to know about how to track emails

If you are in sales or run a business of any sort, then you know that email plays a critical role in your business operations. Yet most businesses send outreach emails with little or no idea as to what happens to them after hitting the send button. Unless they get a reply. What if you had the data to track emails and thereby improve your outreach? Discover how to track emails and improve your results.

How to Write a Sales Email in 2019 (With Examples!)

No one was born knowing how to write a sales email. My sales email cold call templates were so dry, the Sahara looked like a water park in comparison. I was blissfully unaware—and wasting a lot of time and potential leads! Until one day… ...when I started to receive bland, no-salt-added sales pitch sales emails [...]

Email Writing Infographic: The Best Email Subject Line for Salespeople

When it comes to email writing, every marketer seems to be a "guru" or an "expert", incessantly offering tips and tricks on the latest trends. But the trouble is, while advice based on someone's personal experience is one way to come to conclusions on email performance - the sources behind that advice are often flimsy. Basing [...]

Sales Emails: More Than Communication

Most sales people think of e-mails as a mode of communication.  Predominantly one to one, or one to small work groups, and then there is the mass e-mails used in marketing.  But there are other ways sales professionals can use e-mail to engage with potential prospects, move deals along, or bring [...]

Sales Emails: Size Matters

I know people say it is not size, but what you do with it, but when it comes to sales emails, you need to have both, the right size, and how you use it. Just so we are all on the same page, this post is not about mass marketing emails, or what some [...]

How To Use Gmail Mail Merge & Excel at Selling

With more than 1 billion active users, Gmail is undoubtedly the number one channel for email communications. There's no surprise that many businesses and professionals rely on sending business communications through Gmail, especially since they launched the Gmail Mail Merge tool. Gmail Mail Merge is a new email marketing service allowing you to send a [...]

How to Write Personalized Emails

Memorable email lines are diamonds in the rough. In a 2015 report by Litmus, only 21% of customers remember getting a memorable email in the past two months. Being more memorable goes a long way to users forwarding or sharing those emails and making sure you are sending a personalized email goes a long way [...]