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Quick Facts


In the marketplace, regardless of your company’s size, customers demand that you have end-to-end knowledge of their interactions with you.

  • Challenge: The sales and account management teams worked out of Outlook or Gmail and did not consistently log emails into
  • Solution: ContactMonkey was deployed to the Xenex sales and account management teams to boost email submission to by reducing the number of steps it took to log outbound and inbound email to
  • Results: In one month, emails logged to per rep doubled. It tripled in six months and quintupled in ten months. That’s a 1113% increase in email capture after implementing ContactMonkey.
Increase in Emails Captured per Rep


The Challenge

Xenex wanted its sales team to capture customer emails into

Because it required great efforts by the Sales team, email logging to was low at Xenex, which created inaccurate activity reporting, and little visibility into the sales cycle or information for transitioning accounts from prospect to customer. Xenex tried’s plug in for Outlook but it created serious performance issues, often crashing or freezing Outlook.

While over 100,000 companies have adopted they frequently struggle to capture all communication with prospects and customers In to provide the experience that customers expect.

Morris Miller, CEO Xenex Disinfection Services LLC


The Solution

Implementing ContactMonkey to drive email capture

ContactMonkey implemented to try and boost email capture by making it easy for reps to log emails into ContactMonkey was implemented for the sales team who predominantly used Outlook.

ContactMonkey has proven to be one of the most valuable Sales and Marketing tools at Xenex. Within 10 months, ContactMonkey increased Salesforce email capture by 1113%.


The Results

ContactMonkey drove adoption

The value of ContactMonkey’s email capture and the quick advancements of functionality doubled email compliance within one month and tripled it by the sixth month. The use of ContactMonkey had created an 1113% increase in email compliance in 10 months.

This has significantly improved the record quality of the CRM allowing for better management visibility into the sales pipeline as well as easing the process of any account transitions or territory changes from prospect to customer. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with ContactMonkey’s product and the company that stands behind it.


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