Use Word Mail Merge to Send and Track Emails


You can use Word Mail Merge to send a personalized email to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. Why is this important? Leading studies suggest 74% of marketers know that personalization increases customer engagement.

Curiously, the same study highlighted that only 19% of marketers are actually using personalization. Instead of simply starting your mass email with ‘Hi there’, you can customize each email to say hi to each individual by inserting a first name field into your email. Each time the email is sent it replaces the first name field with the actual first name of the recipient. Doesn’t “Hi, Tom,” sound better than “Hello dear consumer?”

It’s great to be able to create a Word Mail Merge, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could identify which recipients actually opened the email and clicked a link? This would help you to identify who seemed most interested in what you wrote. Luckily it’s simple to accomplish this.

You simply have to use Word Mail Merge with Outlook Email Tracking.

Add Outlook Email Tracking

In the 1st section we will show you how to create a Word Mail Merge, and in the 2nd section we will show you how to track each email using Outlook Email Tracking.

Section 1 – How to Create a Word Mail Merge

The process for creating a Word Mail Merge is simple. In this example we will show you how to use Excel to select the recipients and use Word to create and send the email.

Step 1 – Select Your Recipients

Once you open Word the first step is to select who you’re going to be sending the Word Mail Merge to. Click on Mailings ==> Select Recipients ==> Use Existing List…

Word Mail Merge

Now simply locate the spreadsheet containing your recipients and click Open.

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You may be prompted to tell Word how your list is separated. For example each of your columns contains a field header and those field headers are usually separated by a comma but your columns may be separated by a different character. Select the character that separates each field in the Field Delimiter picklist. Furthermore each row of data also has a separator. In most cases the character that is used to separate rows of data is (enter) but your spreadsheet may use a different character. Once you’ve chosen a Record Delimiter click OK.

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Step 2 – Create Your Email in Word

Now that we’ve selected who the Word Mail Merge will be sent to, let’s show you how to write the email you want to send to your list. This is where you can personalize your email by inserting Word Mail Merge fields directly into your email. For example if you want to personalize the email to include every recipient’s firstname at the very top, you can insert this text:

Hi «First_Name»

You can access all of Word’s Address Fields and Database Fields by clicking Insert Merge Field from the Mailings tab of Word’s ribbon. Once you’ve selected the field simply click Insert. Note Word inserts each field where your cursor is currently positioned so be sure to place the cursor in the right place before inserting the field!

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Step 3 – Preview Results

Now that we’ve created the email you’re going to send to your recipients, let’s be sure all of the merged fields have been inserted correctly. Simply click on Preview Results in the Word ribbon. This replaces the mail merge fields with actual data from your list so you can ensure everything is populating properly. In order to scroll through your list you need to click on the arrows in the Preview Results section of the Word ribbon.

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Step 4 – Finish & Merge

Once you’re happy with the Word Mail Merge let’s send it on its way! Click on the Finish & Merge button in the Word ribbon followed by Send E-mail Messages…

Be sure the To: option is set as Email_Address, include a subject in the Subject line: option, and in order to track your Word Mail Merge using Outlook Email Tracking set the Mail format: as HTML. And as you’ve uploaded your own spreadsheet list make sure All is selected under Send records.

Now the last thing you need to do is click OK to send the email on its way! But be sure to also setup Outlook Email Tracking beforehand to ensure every email you send gets tracked. We will show you how to setup Outlook Email Tracking in the next section.

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Add Outlook Email Tracking

Section 2 – How to use Outlook Email Tracking with Word Mail Merge

Now that you know how easy it is to setup a Word Mail Merge, let’s be sure you can track each email to see:

  • Which emails get opened
  • How many times each email gets opened
  • Where each email gets opened
  • Which device was used to open each email
  • Which links were clicked and who clicked them

You can start by installing Outlook Email Tracking from here. Once you’ve setup your account a new sidebar will appear on the right side of Outlook. This sidebar will update in real-time as your emails get opened giving you real-time insight into who’s engaging with your emails all throughout the day.

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As you can see above an email sent to was opened twice (2x). Once in San Francisco using an iPhone and once in Toronto using Microsoft Outlook. This list of your most recently opened emails updates throughout the day as your emails get opened and reopened. Would you be able to make more money if you knew which of your clients were opening your emails right now? I thought so!

Prior to sending your Word Mail Merge ensure that your emails are set to track by default. Simply click on the ContactMonkey tab at the top of Outlook then Preferences. Be sure Track Email and Track Hyperlinks are both ticked.

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In Conclusion

Salespeople use Word Mail Merge with Outlook email tracking to make more money and save more time. We hope this helps you too! If you want to see these 2 great features in action you can watch this short video:

Add Outlook Email Tracking