How To Use Gmail Mail Merge

UPDATED March 19, 2018: With more than 1 billion active users, Gmail is undoubtedly the number one channel for email communications.

There’s no surprise that many businesses and professionals rely on sending business communications through Gmail, especially since they launched the Gmail Mail Merge tool.

Gmail Mail Merge is a new email marketing service allowing you to send a personalized email from Gmail/Google Apps to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. No more copying and pasting the same message over and over again!

It’s all done from within Gmail’s familiar web interface. It’s ridiculously simple. But the best part is that you can track who actually opens the email and clicks on your links.

Here’s how:


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Mail Merge in Gmail with Personalization

Today, many people use Gmail’s Bcc feature when sending an email to large groups at the same time. Why is Gmail Mail Merge better? All marketers know that an email resonates more with the recipient if it’s personalized.

In a recent report, Experian Marketing Services states personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them. If you want to stand out in your emails, be sure to personalize them with information from your database like the recipients’ name, company or address.

Who Benefits from Gmail Mail Merge?

Many people benefit from being able to use Gmail Mail Merge. Typical use cases include:

  • Account Executives mass emailing their prospects about a quarter-end discount
  • Marketing Managers mass emailing their customers about a new feature
  • PR Consultants mass emailing journalists about their client’s new product
  • Entrepreneurs mass emailing venture capitalists about their new fundraising
  • Small Businesses mass emailing their customers with a holiday promotion
  • Teachers mass emailing their students the new assignment
  • Coaches mass emailing their players the upcoming schedule

Each use case allows the sender to create one amazing personalized email, then with 1-click of a button send it to dozens or hundreds of people at once. All from within Gmail.

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How To Use Mail Merge for Gmail

If you’re familiar with Gmail’s web interface, using Gmail Mail Merge will be a breeze. Here are the steps involved to create, send and evaluate your Gmail Mail Merges.

1. Launch Gmail Mail Merge

It’s super easy to launch Gmail Mail Merge. Simply click the new MAIL MERGE button in Gmail’s interface:

gmail mail merge

2. Create Your Email & Personalize

Once you’ve launched the Gmail Mail Merge window, you can now select who the email should be sent to. Simply type in the names of the recipients like you normally would or upload a CSV. If you want to send the Gmail Mail Merge to a Group that you’ve created in Google Contacts, simply type the name of the group and hit ENTER. All of the group members will be added to the list.

You can add up to 200 recipients in each mail merge. Gmail users can send a total of  300 emails per day using mail merge while G Suite users (formerly Google Apps) can send 1,500 emails per day. This limit is imposed as Gmail restricts how many emails each user can send per day. You can learn more about Google’s daily limits here for G Suite users and here for Gmail users.


Gmail Mail Merge in Action

When you’re happy with the list of recipients, it’s time to create and personalize your email.

Now you can type your email like you normally do. The only difference is now you can personalize the email. For example, if you want to include the recipient’s first name in every email, then click on the orange box in the right hand corner of the window to find and select the first name field. Once you select it, the field name will be added to your clipboard; from there, you can paste it into your email. In this case the field name is {{first_name}}. If some of your contacts don’t have a first name, you can specify a default value to be used like this – {{first_name::there}}.

After the field name simply insert 2 colons (::) and then include the default value. In this case if a recipient doesn’t have a first name in Google Contacts the email will read ‘Hi there’. It’s that easy. You can include any field that you use in Google Contacts. Also if you’re a Salesforce user be sure to tick Bcc to Salesforce before sending the email.

Note: Your mail merge will be sent individually to each recipient. Therefore they won’t be able to see who else was copied on the email.

3. Send Your Email Now or Schedule it for Later

Once your email is written and personalized, you’re ready to either send it now, or schedule it to be sent at a later time. If you click Send Later, you can pick an exact day/time when the email should be sent. It will remain in your new ContactMonkey Mail Merge label until that time. You can continue to edit the email until it’s sent.

Once your Gmail Mail Merge has been sent, the new label ContactMonkey Sent Merges will be applied so your mail merges are easy to find. Also as you’re sending the emails from Gmail all of your sent emails will be in your Sent Mail label.

4. Track Email Opens and Link Clicks

Once your Gmail Mail Merge has been sent I’m sure you would love to know who opened the email and which people clicked on your links! Luckily it’s super easy. Your new sidebar on the right side of Gmail will show you who has most recently opened your email. You will even be able to see how many times it has been opened and where. You will also get real-time desktop notifications informing you the moment someone opens your email or clicks on a link. That way you can pounce on the phone and close the deal!


best mail merge for gmail

If you want to compare the stats from all of your mail merges, click on the Dashboard icon in your sidebar, then go to the CAMPAIGN STATS tab. There you can see the overall stats for each mail merge like open rate and click rate, and you will also be able to dive into the mail merge to see exactly who opened the emails the most, clicked on links, etc.

gmail mail merge tutorial

 Install Gmail Mail Merge in seconds.

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