Six Ways To Use ContactMonkey Email Templates

Eliminate Repetitive Responses with ContactMonkey Email Templates Salesforce You see them in your inbox all the time - glaringly short, incredibly repetitive, the routine questions you receive every day from a client or team member. Time to respond to the same inquiry for the 1000th time. As a software company, we understand that sending the [...]

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Eliminate Repetitive Emails: 6 Steps to Using ContactMonkey Email Templates

You’ve been asked the same question - for the 450th time this month. Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time at work answering the same questions over and over again. It is part of everyday life, no matter your role at work. Enter Email Templates - a productivity hack you never knew you [...]

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1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce

Your #1 Salesforce Productivity Secret: 1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce TL;DR: Our 1-Click Add to Salesforce feature makes it quick and easy to add emails to any standard or custom object. Most importantly, add right from the comfort of your Gmail for Chrome or Outlook for Windows inbox through the ContactMonkey side panel. [...]

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