Update: A New Gmail, An Even Better ContactMonkey Plugin

ContactMonkey’s Gmail extension for creating, sending, tracking, and measuring sales and internal emails just got a fantastic makeover. To match the new Gmail's interface, we’ve got a new look -- and all the tools that you love just got better and faster. A New Gmail Update = A New Look (Yes, We Work Out) We’re always [...]

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Eliminate Repetitive Emails: 6 Steps to Using ContactMonkey Email Templates

You’ve been asked the same question - for the 450th time this month. Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time at work answering the same questions over and over again. It is part of everyday life, no matter your role at work. Enter Email Templates - a productivity hack you never knew you [...]

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How to Track Forwarded Emails in 2018

How to track forwarded emails in 2018 Do you need more information on the emails you send? Wondering how to track forwarded emails? If so, you're not alone. It's a good idea to know exactly who is using your emails, what they're doing with them, and if they're being forwarded to someone else. You need [...]

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How to Set Up a Read Notification in Gmail

You know the feeling. That feeling when you wish you could get a "read notification" or read receipt in Gmail. You click the send button, and then wait. And wait. And keep waiting. It seems like most of your working hours are spent waiting for a response for this or that important email. You wish [...]

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How to Set Up Google Analytics Email Tracking

How to Set Up Google Analytics Email Tracking: A Step-by-Step, No Holds Barred Guide for 2018! Are you wondering how to set up Google Analytics Email tracking? Yearning to find a way to start tracking your email opens? If you're looking for a highly accurate way to keep track of who's opening your emails, I've got the [...]

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Email Tracking for Gmail in 4 Easy Steps

You're frustrated because you're not sure how to get email tracking for Gmail to work. You've written beautiful emails that should capture the hearts and minds of your clients, coworkers, and friends. If only there was some way to get email tracking for Gmail to work! You make sure each email will perform well, whether [...]

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Everything you need to know about how to track emails

If you are in sales or run a business of any sort, then you know that email plays a critical role in your business operations. Yet most businesses send outreach emails with little or no idea as to what happens to them after hitting the send button. Unless they get a reply. What if you had the data to track emails and thereby improve your outreach? Discover how to track emails and improve your results.

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Gmail Delay Send: Schedule Your Emails with ContactMonkey – 2018

Gmail Delay Send lets you schedule when your emails go out - down to the minute. Built into your Gmail inbox, it's a simple, fast, and unobtrusive email scheduling tool. It's an incredibly simple and remarkably powerful plug-in that can be used for a range of reasons: getting a prospect to read your email first thing in the [...]

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Gmail Read Receipt Now Available!

Read Receipt in Gmail - Now Available! UPDATED March 19th: Being able to track emails and access metrics such as email open rates is a gold mine for a sales professional. Not only can it make a world of a difference as to how sales reps pursue leads, it can also help with measuring [...]

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