You want to be a successful internal communicator … What if you didn’t need a designer to create beautiful, responsive HTML emails? What if you could become a trusted advisor to the C-Suite instead of always having to fight for approval?

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Internal communicators are ready. They’re ready to get sh*t done.

They’re also ready to gain more freedom, approval, and autonomy to increase employee engagement, of course, but also to shape the way their organizations operate and work towards success.

It didn’t really happy this year, but progress is definitely being made.

What’s standing in their way? A messy world. Without taking into account our current messy times (globally and politically speaking) even at the organizational level, disruption is coming, and fast, in 2019.

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From a plethora of communication tools and that promise to make your job easier, to quick changes in leadership, disruption causes internal communicators to get caught in between.

Caught between good ideas and lack of senior buy-in; between menial tasks and actual influence; between leading the way and following the old guard.

It can get tiring and confusing and complicated to find the freedom to act on your internal communications strategy, whether it’s centered around sharing company news and information, or just owning the messaging behind your company culture.

As communicators we don’t want office politics, we just want the autonomy to get stuff done. We don’t want to have to wait for someone to help us, we just want enough freedom to design internal emails, measure our success, and raise employee morale.

For that reason, we’ve developed the ultimate guide to walk you, in detail, through the different challenges standing in your way as you become a successful internal communicator in 2019.

We’ve also added a guide to sending responsive, internal emails without anyone’s help. We want to help you get total control. 

successful internal communicator

What You’ll Get With This eBook

✅ Expert Advice About Internal Comms

From how to get internal buy-in to tips about the importance of metrics.

✅ A Breakdown of Where We’re Headed in 2019

From adopting a multi-touch approach, to embracing responsive design, we’ll show what will matter next year.

✅ Ways to Stay Ahead in 2019 as a Successful Internal Communicator

From our chats with IC experts, we’ve identified 4 major ways you can beat the competition when it comes to internal emails.

✅ Designing Responsive Internal Emails on Your Own

A quick guide to show you how you can build your own HTML responsive email templates from within Outlook in a matter of seconds.

Learn How to Handle Internal Emails as a Successful Internal Communicator in 2019

At ContactMonkey, we’re committed to helping thousands of internal communicators across the world send better email, increase employee engagement, and help the business performance of their respective organizations.

We hope that with this eBook you’ll get closer to becoming the successful internal communicator your team needs you to be.

2019 is yours for the taking. But you gotta take it.

Download your free copy today and let us know what you think!

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