What if your employees actually read and liked your internal emails? 

The world of internal communications (IC) has undergone several changes in the last decade, driven by intense competition for talent; a distracted workforce; and the rise of employees who care deeply about values and missions, not just about a paycheck.

On top of that, trends like the fact that mobile open rates for email have doubled in the last five years require that communicators send emails that perform efficiently anywhere, anytime, and on any device (responsiveness is a must!).

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For that reason we’ve created a guide to walk you, in detail, through sending beautiful internal emails–including responsive HTML templates–without leaving Outlook.


What You’ll Get With This Guide

✅ Key Takeaways & Best Practices

From how to get internal buy-in to tips to measure everything you send out.

✅ The Challenges of IC Today (and how to fix them)

We’ll help you figure out what employees want and how to get them to open your internal emails without hesitation.

✅ How to Send Responsive Emails from Outlook

A complete guide to sending beautiful, responsive HTML emails to your employees, all within Outlook!

✅ How to Track & Optimize Your Internal Emails

Understand what happens after you hit send you can improve with every email you send.

✅ How to Prove the Value of Internal Communications

Internal Communications is important. We know that and you know that. Now it’s time to show the rest of the organization the business value of it.

A Guide to Help You Become a Driving Force Within Your Organization

The increasing need for better internal communications will, as aforementioned, require IC pros to become leaders and influencers within their organizations. In this increasingly competitive landscape, your top talent is constantly being offered great opportunities and they won’t hesitate to consider them if they don’t feel engaged or heard.

For that reason, employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention have become incredibly important factors that can make or break an organization.

At ContactMonkey, we’re committed to helping thousands of internal communicators across the world send better email, increase employee engagement, and help the business performance of their respective organizations. We hope that with this guide you’ll get closer to becoming the internal influencer your team needs you to be.

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