Schedule Your Emails with Gmail Delay Send

gmail delay send

Gmail Delay Send lets you schedule when your emails go out – down to the minute. Built into your Gmail inbox, it’s a simple, fast, and unobtrusive email scheduling tool.

It’s an incredibly simple and remarkably powerful plug-in that can be used for a range of reasons: getting a prospect to read your email first thing in the morning; to bypass time zones; to schedule your email before you forget to send it later.

gmail send later

Delay your Gmail emails so you can work on your own time. Take charge of when you send your email messages.

Add Gmail Delay Send

To use Gmail Delay Send, simply click the send later button in your Gmail compose box to automatically delay your message to a later time. As always, we put simplicity first: use a calendar view to pick the precise date and time you want your email to go out, right from your Gmail inbox.

Let’s say you’re working late one night on a big proposal. If you send the email late in the evening when it’s done, your email will be buried the next morning when your client gets to work. Use Gmail Delay Send to complete the email the night before, then schedule the email to be sent at 8am early the next day. Then, your email is at the top of the inbox when your client gets to their desk. The possibilities are endless; with Gmail Delay Send:

  • You can write your emails when you have time and then send them at a specific time later
  • You can send your emails when you want them to be received
  • You can manage timezone differences by having your emails received at the perfect time
  • You can send your emails when they have the highest chance of being read

So how does Gmail Delay Send work? It’s ridiculously simple:

1. Start an email

When you’re writing a new email you will now see a Send Later button just to the right of the normal Send button like this:

gmail send later

2. Click Send Later

Once you click the Send Later button in Gmail you will be able to schedule the email to be sent at a specific time. Choose any 5 minute window, and then when you’re done, click the Schedule button. Voila! It’s scheduled and ready to be sent later in Gmail. See how easy it is to use Gmail Send Later to schedule your email here:

email scheduler gmail

3. View or Edit your Scheduled Email

Now that your email is scheduled and ready to be sent, you can go ahead and view or edit your email. Simply click on your new ContactMonkey Outbox label on the left side of Gmail. There you will find all of your scheduled emails. Simply click on the email to open it up, make any changes you like then either click on Send Now to immediately send the email, or simply close the open window for it to be sent at the scheduled time.

send gmail at specific time

Once the Gmail Delay Send has run successfully and sent, your email will appear in your normal Sent Mail label.

And of course this new feature works with ContactMonkey’s existing email tracking and Salesforce features. This means the emails you schedule with Gmail Delay Send will also be tracked, and if you use Salesforce you can also add these emails to Salesforce.

Add Gmail Delay Send

Check out the video below to see a live demonstration of Gmail Delay Send: