You probably know Salesforce comes with an-out-of-the-box mass email solution. While it’s a great tool for sending out messages to fairly small groups of contacts and leads, it really doesn’t take long until you run into the Salesforce mass email limit. Lucky for you we will show you how you can overcome the daily mass email limit within Salesforce.

How to use Salesforce mass email

If you are only getting started with sending mass emails in salesforce and creating mass email campaigns follow our step by step guide to get started!

Start by selecting the type of recipient you are trying to reach. Depending on your business and the type of Salesforce you use you may want some or all of the following:

  • Contacts
  • Person Accounts
  • Leads
  • Salesforce Users

Once you have selected your recipient types you need to create a view of those people. This is nothing more than just filtering the total list into the people you actually want to contact.

You can use Salesforce filters like:

Active = True,

Account Owner = Scott Mortimer

Account Record Type = Retail (or whatever your business uses).

You can then also go through the list you have just created and remove people you may not want to contact if needed.

Start Sending Mass Email With ContactMonkey


Once you’ve finalized your list, you need an email template. You can choose from the email templates you have created and stored in Salesforce. It would be a good idea to select the option to BCC yourself on the message just so you can see what goes out, and if appropriate you can choose to store an activity for each message sent out.

Choose a name for your mass mailing. This will make it easier to track, and then you set the delivery options. Click send and you are finished.

What about the Salesforce Mass Email Limit?

If you’re below Salesforce’s Enterprise edition, your Salesforce mass email limit will be 250 emails in a 24 hour period. You might not even be able to send mass emails at all. Even Enterprise is limited to 500 a day, and Unlimited to 1000 mass emails a day. Despite the name, that’s not exactly “unlimited”. Let’s take a look at each edition and its respective Salesforce mass email limit: 

salesforce email integration

The Salesforce Mass Email Limit is a real hindrance for any company trying to grow and target leads at mass. But there is a way around this bulk email limit!

Using ContactMonkey’s Salesforce Email Integration with your Gmail or Outlook will enable you to easily mass email your contacts and leads!

Plus with the ContactMonkey tool you will be able to track all your mass emails and easily identify which leads or customers are opening and clicking on the links within your mass email or mail merge. Our tool will also notify you in real-time with desktop notifications when a lead opens your email, from where and identify which device they used!

Send Mass Emails With ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey can send and track 2, 20 or 1000’s of emails in one go using the ContactMonkey mail merge tool!

Once you have created your sales email template, you can select one of your existing distribution lists or upload a csv file.

Once your mass email has been sent, you will be able to track in real time who is opening your email; you can then start to build out other lists of leads or contacts that might be interested in your campaign or promotion.

Now your ContactMonkey sidebar will be populated with data-rich insights, giving you live notifications whenever someone opens your email, for example like this:

mass salesforce email

Using ContactMonkey’s email tracking tool you are able to see what is working in your email campaigns and which programs are generating the most opens and clicks. You will no longer have to guess what works when it comes to your measuring the success of your outbound email campaigns.

salesforce mass email

What are you waiting for? Start sending mass emails and overcome the Salesforce mass email limit today! What’s even better, you can try the full ContactMonkey email tracking tool free for 14 days, no credit card required!

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