salesforce integration for gmail

Salespeople spend the majority of their day in their inbox. However they’re also tasked with keeping Salesforce information up-to-date including creating contacts, updating leads, logging calls, editing opportunities and creating cases. This means they have to toggle between their inbox and Salesforce up to 100 times per day. This time consuming task takes salespeople away from what they were hired to do – SELL! This is why we have introduced a feature that not only simplifies this task, but increases their productivity – salesforce integration for gmail.

Yay! Now you can stay within Gmail and update Salesforce. It’s super simple. This new Salesforce Gmail plugin allows you to:

  • Create contacts
  • Edit leads
  • Log calls
  • Update tasks
  • Create events
  • Edit opportunities
  • Update cases

Best of all this salesforce integration for gmail sits nicely on the right side of your Gmail. As soon as you hover over an email address your sidebar will populate with that person’s details from Salesforce. If they aren’t in Salesforce you can add them as a lead or contact with 1-click. Simple. Best of all you can edit their details all within Gmail. Grab their mobile number and address from their email signature and add it to Salesforce in a jiffy. Done!

Salesforce Gmail Integration


It only takes 15 seconds to install then you will have successfully integrated Salesforce with Gmail.

Add Salesforce to Gmail

Enjoy spending less time toggling between Salesforce and Gmail, and more time closing deals!