How To Add Salesforce Custom Objects to Outlook and Gmail

You can now view and edit Salesforce custom objects from within Outlook and Gmail. Why is this a big deal? Up until now you could only view Salesforce standard objects like Contacts, Opportunities and Cases in Outlook using Salesforce for Outlook’s Side Panel. If your team used custom objects, you had to leave your inbox to see the Salesforce custom object data inside of Salesforce.

Now that you’re able to add Salesforce custom objects to your side panel, it’s going to redefine the way you use Salesforce. With Salesforce Email Integration, your Salesforce custom objects are expanded, simplified, and streamlined.

  • Choose which Salesforce Custom Objects and Standard Objects you would like to view in Outlook and Gmail.
  • View, create, edit and delete custom records without leaving your inbox.

Keep it simple. Sell smarter. Stay organized.

Say you’ve changed your mind and you want to remove a custom object you just added to your side panel. No problem. Just uncheck them in your Salesforce custom settings and your side panel will be updated instantly. Create, customize, sell. With ContactMonkey, Salesforce custom objects are incredibly powerful and remarkably easy to use.

salesforce for outlook side panel

The goal of our Salesforce Email Integration is to let you do everything you need to be doing inside Salesforce without leaving your inbox. Why? Because Salesforce out-of-the-box isn’t perfectly suited for your specific business processes.

To truly streamline your Salesforce workflow, you need speed and simplicity. When you’re switching between Salesforce and your inbox, you’re losing your flow – when you’re losing your flow, you’re losing time. And, as the saying goes, time is money.

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Exclusive footage of ContactMonkey’s marketing manager trying to add Salesforce custom objects before our latest update.

New! 1-click add emails to custom objects.

Now that you know you can add custom objects to your side panel, you should also know that you can add emails to any standard or custom object with just 1-click – right from the comfort of your inbox.

Not only can you keep your side panel supremely customized according to your specific needs, but you can do it unbelievably quickly with our 1-click add feature.

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Watch these brief demos to see how ContactMonkey’s Salesforce Custom Settings let you edit custom objects right from Outlook or Gmail.

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