The Salesforce AppExchange has just surpassed an impressive 3 million installs. This is an astounding achievement by Salesforce and an event which further solidifies that the CRM has been successful in creating a platform worthy of the ages. Just two years ago, the AppExchange was the home of 1,800 B2B apps. Now that number has grown to over 2,700 apps that plug into the platform directly or through the Salesforce API. Just in the last year we have seen an impressive amount of new app entrants in the AppExchange in our Email & Calendar Sync category.

In our eyes, Salesforce has done a wonderful job at creating a marketplace to foster the ecosystem. We view it as a very fair and transparent place to view and get recommendations for apps as it’s ranked by popularity by default. Yes, popularity contests may not have been fair in high school, but it absolutely is in business. Social proof is an extremely important element in the buying decision-making process and that is at the core of the AppExchange’s ranking algorithm. Salesforce customers are responsible for the rank position of apps in their respective categories. Of course, us vendors occasionally sponsor our listings to appear top-of-the-fold at the top of our categories, but unless your premium-placed tile is matched with a high ranking listing, you are not going to a very high ROI on your sponsorship. It’s just like paying for a top Google Adwords SEM position but not having your website organically rank in a top search position. It’s all about social proof and not necessarily paying for the best position.

To be successful on the AppExchange, it is imperative to put your customers first

The AppExchange has really embodied the core culture at Salesforce: Customer Success. They put their customer successes at the forefront of all of their marketing messages and it’s incredibly effective. They have transferred the importance of selling through Customer Success into the AppExchange market place. Right from the beginning when we first got onto the AppExchange (awesome day in the history of ContactMonkey :), Salesforce strongly recommended to get your first customer stories or testimonials on our listings as soon as possible. It’s really simple, happy customers bring more happy customers!

How the AppExchange has helped us

The influx of more apps and the efforts of the AppExchange Marketing Team have really been successful. It’s clear to us that more traffic is coming through the AppExchange. We have seen a 161% growth in new leads from the AppExchange since January 2015. It has been an awesome channel to market and it keeps growing week-over-week as we have more and more happy customers telling their story. It has essentially provided a way for customers to speak to each other about their experiences with ContactMonkey.

What our customers are saying about us

We added ContactMonkey to Microsoft Outlook for our sales reps and have been very happy with it. Especially nice is the email tracking but the biggest benefit if the time it saves over copying and pasting email conversations from an email platform into Salesforce. With the use of email supplementing telephone and face-to-face sales conversations, it is a necessary time saver to have an app like this. – Ron Griffith


As I downloaded ContactMonkey, I was skeptical that the bi-directional sync with SalesForce would be as good as more mature applications; or that the email tracking as thorough. I was pleasantly surprised on many fronts.

First the interface is clean. It gives you precisely the information that you need for both SF records and for email/link tracking. The analytics and interface are easy to understand, unlike other apps that I have used.

Second, the SF integration is way more comprehensive than I expected. I thought it would be quite basic, but I am able to log calls, events, create opportunities. I rarely go directly into SF anymore, especially since I can create leads and contacts directly for Outlook.

The best surprise was the price — it is affordable, especially for a small business.

Finally, the support, so far, has been responsive. – Sethu Bijumalla


I have absolutely loved working with this application. The Salesforce integration in phenomenal and it is nifty and functional to see whether or not people have reviewed the email or clicked links within them.

I’ve utilized other email tracking tools and this one takes the cake by far. It is simple and chic in design, it’s interface is user-friendly and logical, and I don’t feel my work is disrupted by it’s presence like some other email tracking applications.

5 stars, no doubt about it. – Mandi Stebbins

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