For the past year, the team at ContactMonkey has been extremely occupied.

We didn’t monkey around as much as we wanted (well, maybe a little) and found ourselves at the drawing board month-after-month, coming up with great new releases based for our sales enablement software based on our customer feedback.

As we’ve added more features to ContactMonkey, we thought it would be great to start the new year with a quick roundup of all have we have to offer. Take a look at all the core features that our customers love and some cool new one’s that get people excited!


Sales enablement software features you’ve always loved:

Email Tracking

The idea behind ContactMonkey stemmed from the personal experiences of the company’s founder, Scott, during his reign as a sales superstar. Although successful at selling to clients, even he found it stressful not knowing when his emails were being opened and read by prospects.

Back then, the concept behind email tracking was very vague and relatively new. Existing email tracking software weren’t doing a great job at providing the information sales representatives would benefit from daily.

That’s when ContactMonkey’s first ever (and to date, most popular) tool was developed: a comprehensive email tracking system.

Our email tracking tool provides professionals and sales reps a competitive edge, allowing them to make use of the analytics dashboard that shows click-through-rates, best performing email subject lines, the location of email opens, and much more.

Haven’t been tracking your emails? Check out this short video on Gmail Email Tracking and another on Outlook Email tracking to get started with ContactMonkey today!

Delay Send

Sales rep work all hours of the day, and that often means writing emails at 2 in the morning. However, sending out a pitch to a potential client late at night might seem desperate.

For this reason, many professionals enjoy delay send. With this feature you can schedule your emails for a later date and time. Log in to your Gmail inbox and schedule emails to go out whenever you want, to whoever you want.

Our sales team relies on the Delay Send tool to do their job. The team have to send out emails to clients based around the world. They use scheduling to make their email arrive at a prospects inbox when they know they’ll be up and checking their emails.

Here are a couple helpful blog posts that explains more on how delay send works and it’s true benefit for sales rep.

Edit Salesforce Right from Your Inbox

If you work with Salesforce, you know it can be a pain to upload data manually into their system. More so, if you are in sales and have to continually update information such as Opportunities and Custom Objects.

With the ContactMonkey sidebar, you can edit information in Salesforce right from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. As our most popular and in-demand feature, 1000s of sales teams have been able to streamline Salesforce integration with their Gmail or Outlook inbox and use our tool as a plugin to manage contact information, opportunities, and custom objects.  

The ability to update information on Salesforce directly from your inbox not only saves time, but a lot of manual effort. Our customers have been able to decrease redundancy by making changes to prospect’s email address, phone number, and even their title from their inbox.

Customers can also manage custom objects from the ContactMonkey sidebar, which allows them to manage granular data about specific activity.

Another great utility is that customers can change, edit, add or remove opps from the ContactMonkey sidebar. They can get more granular and can even make specific changes to with the Opportunity such as adding a closing date, probability of opp, amount of opp, number of users, and what stage the opp is in.

Excited to read about all the things you can do with Salesforce from your inbox? That’s not all! Head on over to the Salesforce Integration feature page to learn more.

New sales enablement software features we’re excited about:

Gmail Local Email Templates

An average office worker sends or receives 124 emails per day. Now imagine, how many of those emails are pushing to sell something and end up in the trash?

Here at ContactMonkey, we are excited to offer email templates across all our plans. This allows professionals to create, edit, and send email templates from their Gmail inbox so they can save time by not having to write repetitive emails.

Create templates for personal use or share them with your team to decrease time spent on email communications and increasing overall productivity.

Here is an example of a template that I use personally when connecting with influencers over social networks:

Gmail Mail Merge Salesforce Integration:

The Mail Merge option allows you to send customized emails to up to 200 recipients at a time. It’s as simple as clicking on the mail merge tab in your Gmail inbox. 

Personalized emails perform six times better than unpersonalized messages. Now, with Gmail Mail Merge, you can send out mass emails but maintain that feel of a one-on-one email. You can even import documents, images or any other image asset to make your email more visually appealing.

Also, learn when, where and on what device your email gets opened. With Gmail email tracking, our customers know exactly when to follow up with leads.

Salesforce Integration:

Salesforce Email Templates

Leverage the power of Salesforce email templates right from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. With this new feature, you can always ensure to get the messaging right every time you send an email for individual communication.

You can load saved templates from the ContactMonkey sidebar and insert it directly to your compose field in Outlook or Gmail.

Mark, our head of sales explains how to use Salesforce email templates in this video.

1 Click Add Email

Remember when you heard back from an opp each time, you had to go into Salesforce and make changes to reflect new information? Now, with the 1-click add email feature, you can add emails directly to Salesforce with the ContactMonkey sidebar.

This feature allows you to save conversations into SFDC automatically, saving you a ton of time and allowing you to really  focus on other important tasks.

Calendar Sync

You no longer have to worry about adding information to your Salesforce calendar manually. With our sync feature, you can directly upload information to your Salesforce calendar from your inbox.

Did any of these features catch your eye? Get in touch with one of our reps today to discuss how ContactMonkey can help you achieve your productivity goals and enhance your Salesforce experience.