Struggling to navigate through the thousands of sales applications? Let us give you a hand. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite sales applications from the Salesforce AppExchange to help you find tools you need to improve your workflow or get the most from your sales reps.



Box is a FREE application that allows users to view and share files online and offline between the members of your team. With mobile compatibility and over 50 million customers, it’s not hard to see why Box is one of the most powerful sales applications out there.

AppExchange Rating: 4.1/5

Users Say: “For a company that supports most of the largest companies in the world, these guys provide great service to my 3 person company. And their cloud service is so much more professional than dropbox (which I like).”

Timesheets allows individuals, teams, and small and medium sized companies to track their hours, projects, and expenses. The app is simple to use and free for individuals, but also boasts a huge range of pricing options for businesses ranging from 1-500 users. No matter what how big your team is, Timesheets will simplify the time tracking process and keep your team accountable.

AppExchange Rating: 4.5/5

Users Say: “Paying our contractors accurately and timely is a top priority and implementing not only helps us ensure this but communicates to our employees that we are committed to it.”


I’m a sucker for To Do lists and that’s why I can’t get enough of TaskRay. TaskRay is a native Salesforce project management app that streamlines your sales workflow with three beautiful and easily navigable project views. Set up tasks, track time and keep customers happy after the sale’s been made with project cloning, repeating tasks, and automation features.

Blog post… check.

AppExchange Rating: 5/5

Users Say: “TaskRay is the first task management app I don’t hate. Love its customizability and that I can use Salesforce-native functionality like Process Builder to create automation based on tasks. Thoroughly well-designed and well-implemented application.”



Understanding your audience shouldn’t stop at the planning phase. With ClickTools you can get the customer feedback you need via mobile, web, email, SMS, IVR, social, and even offline with the power of customizable surveys and questionnaires. Take your CRM to the next level by getting real-time feedback from your customers and delivering automated, personalized responses.

AppExchange Rating: 4.7/5

Users Say: “Fantastic survey solution with great integration to Salesforce. Excellent customer service that solve any queries quickly and put forward suggestions for improvements.”


Cold-callers and telephone salespeople, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you.

If you haven’t heard of Dialsource yet then it’s time to plug in. Dialsource boasts the fastest multi-line dialer on the market, integrated automation, and intelligent lead prioritization capabilities. Leave your sales cycle management to Dialsource’s in-app intelligence and start focusing on the customer conversation instead. With additional handy features like Whisper Mode, which allows users to quietly drop in and out of live sales calls, Dialsource is a fantastic choice for managing your team’s telephone sales.

AppExchange Rating: 4.8/5

Users Say: “It has provided us with an efficiency 5 to 10 fold what we had before on our outbound efforts and we’ve seen immediate ROI – the tool really does pay for itself quickly. We’ve been pleased with the additional functionality that the Dialsource team has helped us implement in steady phases. I would recommend the product to any phone sales team.”


Adobe Sign

Formerly listed on the AppExchange as Adobe EchoSign, Adobe Sign dramatically simplifies the process of getting electronic signatures from anywhere in the world. As well, users can create their own branded emails and signatures for individuals or teams.

Note: While a quick search on the AppExchange may point you in the direction of an alternative, DocuSign, eSignature shoppers should be aware that recent review include a number of complaints about stability and onboarding issues.

AppExchange Rating: 4.9/5

Users Say: “Since using this application we have ceased using hard files to keep track of our orders in the office. You cut your time and expenses heavily and you can also sign documents easily with most any phone or tablet. The customer also has a choice of signing online or printing out and signing a hard copy, which caters to all clients.”


Who doesn’t like presents? SwagIQ let’s Salesforce users send targeted gifts to clients and prospects with personalized messages. Send branded items or even decadent food easily with Salesforce while keeping things within your budget. SwagIQ takes the headache out of gifting by saving users time and stress in their easy-to-use application.

AppExchange Rating: 5/5

Users Say: “After spending months packing mugs into boxes and asking myself, “I went to college for this?”, SwagIQ came along and saved my day. SwagIQ provides an e-commerce store that my sales reps can use to send high-quality banded items to our prospects, along with a customized note and a branded box. Guess what else? They push FedEx tracking info into SFDC so my reps can call behind each gift. Awesome!!!”

Conga Composer

Next is Conga Composer, the document app. Easily generate and deliver documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with automation features and powerful extensions. CongaComposer streamlines the tedious process of document generation by delivering the files you need in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, and PDF formats.

AppExchange Rating: 4.9/5

Users Say: “My organization was looking for an simple medium that generates PDF documents, based off a custom object we’ve designed for database management. Inevitably, they wanted a button. Conga Composer does everything I need it to do, and I mean EVERYTHING that I was looking for. I hope my end users will be as satisfied with this app as I was, because I can’t stop bragging about it.”



Sometimes with sales, it’s all about the data. Bizible connects sales and marketing data by integrating all of your online marketing channels, including AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and more. This is granular data attribution taken to a whole new level. The free trial helps too.

AppExchange Rating: 5/5

Users Say: “As a new employee to a business that’s been using Bizible for awhile I, feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon their platform. As a marketer who’s primarily generating leads (within B2B market) through social and online platforms Bizible, is an incredible tool for us to track, measure and optimize our content but it also help strengthen our sales funnel.”


Of course, what app list could be complete without a bit of shameless self-promotion? Don’t worry, we promise to live up to the hype. ContactMonkey takes Salesforce integration and turns it on its head. Tired of navigating back and forth between Salesforce and email to keep track of your sales email correspondences? Access and edit Salesforce leads, tasks, events, and contacts, all from within the comfort of your own inbox. And, with ContactMonkey’s read receipts, you can also tell when and where your emails have been read with email tracking for Gmail and email tracking for Outlook.

AppExchange Rating: 4.5/5 – 5/5

Users Say: “ContactMonkey is a phenomenal tool that saves time going from Gmail to Salesforce and back. It even utilizes custom objects and saves so much time saving new contacts, leads, and events. It’s great even for those that aren’t tech savvy, seamless integration between both systems.”

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