Memorable email lines are diamonds in the rough. In a 2015 report by Litmus, only 21% of customers remember getting a memorable email in the past two months. Being more memorable goes a long way to users forwarding or sharing those emails and making sure you are sending a personalized email goes a long way to making sure those emails are memorable.


Start Tracking Personalized Emails

Subject Lines

To kick it all off, there’s no better place to start than email subject lines. But, this isn’t the first time we’ve taken a look at subject lines. After analyzing the email subject lines of 30 million emails sent from ContactMonkey’s Outlook and Gmail email tracking products, we found that sometimes the best personalized email subject line is actually having no subject line at all. Check out our infographic on the topic for the details.

Jane Doe

Next up, it’s actually addressing the recipient by their name. That means using fields to personalized emails based on the name of the person you’re sending them to. Sending to “Jane”? Then address the email to Jane. We’re all bored of, “Hi there” or the dreaded, “Dear user”. There’s a lot of different ways to personalize the name field in your emails and tons of apps to do it. For those of us using Word’s Mail Merge to do the trick, you’re in luck. Here’s a handy guide for how to get the most out of your personalized Word Mail Merge emails.

What Do They Do?

Depending on the scale of your company and the diversity of your audience, personalizing emails based on recipients’ industry or interests can be a real challenge. Really understanding your audience means determining their customer profile: what kind of work they’re doing and what they need. This is just the kind of personalization that is going to give you a better shot of having them open, read, click, and convert. So, find out where your users work or, at the very least, the kind of content that they would find relevant. Only then are your emails going to feel personalized and therefore also interesting, engaging, and useful. 

Personalized Emails and Phone Calls

Be Timely

Using time to deliver personalized emails is one of the easiest tactics to get creative with. It could be the anniversary of your business, the anniversary of a subscriber, or a holiday or event. Using specific dates to create a meaningful, relevant interaction will have the recipient feeling this email was catered for them, that you are engaging with them on a personal level and actually paying attention.

*In order to stay a step ahead of the deadline and get these timely emails planned and sent when they’re supposed don’t forget to grab a decent email scheduler too!

Start Tracking Personalized Emails

Signing Off

Picking the right sign off for an email is all about the kind of email you’re sending. Want to keep it casual? Going for brevity? Then “Best” is, yes, your best option (hilarious, I know). “Best wishes”, “All the best”, “Best wishes”, or even a “Cheers” out of left field are all safe bets. If you’re aiming to keep the conversation going then why not try a “Speak to you soon” or “Looking forward to connecting”. Just make sure you actually follow up after saying it. Ultimately, balancing a personal tone with a strict, formal one is the aim. Unless you’re writing a resume or speaking to a loved one, stay far, far away from “Sincerely”, “Warmly”, or “Yours truly.”

Being Timely

Get On The Phone

While it’s true that emails can always be improved, a good email still never beats a phone call. Getting a prospect on the phone means you can react not just to what they’re saying, but the way their saying it. That’s why every good salesperson or networker knows that, if you don’t already have a contact phone number, getting a prospect or lead to agree to a call can completely change the power of your pitch.

What are your best practices for writing personalized emails? What did we miss? Join the conversation below to let us know.

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Start Tracking Personalized Emails