How to Save Time with Mail Merge in Gmail

mail merge in gmail

You know the feeling.

The day has flown by, and it feels like you’ve wasted all your time on pointless tasks.

Instead of tackling the important projects that will make a difference for your company, you’ve spent the day manually sending yet another round of sales emails through Gmail.

What seemed to be a quick project dragged on, and now you don’t have enough time for the other important tasks you need to handle.

Gmail is one of the best, if not the best, email programs out there. But it sorely lacks some key features.

The biggest problem? There’s no mail merge in Gmail.

No way to send personalized emails quickly and effortlessly.

No way to generate sales and gain new customers without tedious copy-and-paste monotony.

But all that’s about to change.

Because today, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up ContactMonkey to quickly send multiple emails at the same time.

You’ll blaze through your most important emails and save more time than you ever imagined possible.

Let’s jump in!

Save time with fast, easy mail merge in Gmail

I remember setting up mail merge on the Microsoft Office Suite back in the day. You’d click that little dropdown menu, hit the “Mail merge…” option, and start a 30-minute process to link to a spreadsheet, import contacts, and painstakingly reference each one.

Not anymore.

With ContactMonkey, mail merge in Gmail works seamlessly with Gmail’s existing features. To get started, just click the “Mail Merge” button right next to the compose option:

how to mail merge gmail

You’ll get a compose window with a few extra mail merge options, like this:

mail merge on gmail

To tell it apart from a standard compose window with ContactMonkey, look for the “Send Merge” button in the bottom left and the “Preview” button in the upper right (we’ll get to that in a minute).

And that’s all it takes to get started.

Import contacts with lightning-fast speed

Instead of typing contacts into the recipient field—or even copying them from somewhere else—you can easily import contacts, saving a ton of time.

ContactMonkey has a powerful Salesforce integration that allows you to drag-and-drop contacts right from the platform. You can also pull in Gmail contacts or even import a CSV file.

gmail emails per day

ContactMonkey will automatically generate the recipient list and pull in custom fields, automatically matching and naming fields for you.

Even better, it automatically caps the recipient list at 200, which will prevent you from bumping up against Gmail’s strict send limits and making Google angry.

Send your best emails with the click of a button

Every savvy business person—no matter what the industry—has a robust set of useful email templates.

You’re no exception.

Chances are, you have a few simple messages up your sleeve for connecting with an influencer, sharing information with a client, or getting more sales.

Instead of copying and pasting the email each time with new details (or heaven forbid, rewriting that email each time), you can enter it once and send it out to everyone on your list.

It’s faster than a keyboard shortcut or even CNTL+C, CTRL+V since you only have to write it once.

Personalize emails quickly and easily for 6x results

Chances are, you already know personalized emails are much more effective than their plain-vanilla counterparts.

In fact, an analysis conducted by Experian Marketing Services showed that personalized emails had six times the revenue per email as messages sent without personalization.

Let me repeat that: you make six times as much money by personalizing your emails.

Adding names is the most obvious feature of mail merge in Gmail, but you can go so much further than that. Using custom fields, you can create highly detailed emails that communicate compelling messages to your prospects.

You can create messages so intricate nobody will guess you wrote them with mail merge. By thinking ahead, we can create a table like this:

gmail daily email limit

If we export it as a CSV, we can load it into ContactMonkey, which will auto-import our fields. We can plug them into a simple template quickly and easily:

gmail send mail limit

With a little planning, you can create highly targeted emails that are exponentially more effective than the alternative.

Eliminate mistakes with instant previews

Back in the old days, you could either send out a mail merge blind (incredibly dangerous) or generate every single version and preview each one (extremely tedious).

With ContactMonkey, you can save time by making a single preview to make sure everything displays properly—and quickly reviewing the rest for any critical errors.

To preview your email, just hit the “preview” button at the top of the window (see? I told you we’d get to that).

how to merge mails in gmail

After double-checking all your mail merge info, you’ll get a report showing each mail merge recipient. All my contacts check out, so they’re all in green:

google apps mail merge

A few seconds later, you’ll get a preview email showing what the final mail merge in Gmail will look like for one of your recipients.

Everything looks good!

mailmerge gmail

Instead of a tedious review, use the instant preview feature to finalize things before sending emails to everyone on your list.

Guarantee a positive response by sending emails at the right time

One of the biggest problems with manual email campaigns is the amount of time they take to send.

Research by InsightSquared indicates that the best time to send sales emails is the morning in the middle of the week, such as Wednesday or Thursday before lunch.

But when there’s a long list of emails to send, it can easily take an entire day to compose and send each message. By the time you finish, that window disappears, and your emails are less effective.

With ContactMonkey, you have two helpful features making sure you target your emails in the perfect window.

First, mail merge sends your emails almost instantly, meaning you can send 200 emails Thursday at 10:00am—instead of 75 Thursday at 1:00 am, 75 Thursday at 2:00 pm, and 50 Thursday at 4:30 pm.

Second, you can schedule your mail merge in Gmail to send automatically at a future date. Just click the “send later” button to choose a date and time:

how to send a mail merge in gmail

You can send emails for the most effective time—even if you’re out of the office during that perfect window.

Automatically record your emails in Salesforce

Tired of logging each communication manually in Salesforce?

Don’t worry about it anymore. You can easily connect ContactMonkey to Salesforce and send the email automatically:

what is the limit of gmail mail sending

Plus, your team will stay up to date with communication you’ve sent so everyone’s on the same page with each customer or client.

Upload attachments in a fraction of the time

If you’ve ever sent an attachment—even a minuscule PDF—to multiple people one at a time, you know how maddening it can be to upload it again each time. Those few seconds add up when you should be writing the next email and closing the next sale.

Instead, upload attachments just once with ContactMonkey’s attachments in mail merge feature.

mail merge using gmail

You only have to upload it once, and it’ll automatically send to everyone on the list with no hassle and no extra loading time.

Make the best use of time with targeted follow-up emails

gmail send limits


Stop wasting time with follow-up emails that don’t work.

When you’re sending a massive email blast, it can be easy to lose track of which prospects have replied and which haven’t. Every email that slips through the cracks could be a sale, and you can’t afford to miss even one.

Even worse, different prospects are interested at different levels, and sending the same generic follow-up email is a waste of your time.

Instead, work smarter by sending separate follow-up emails based on the different levels of interest of your prospects.

ContactMonkey makes it easy by tracking the open and click rates of your mail merge. You can send a simple follow-up email to those who haven’t opened within a week, initiate a conversation with those who have read your email, and give a call to recipients who clicked through to your pricing page.

Since this functionality is built into ContactMonkey, you can easily track and communicate with the hundreds of people on your list without another app or plugin.

Start using Gmail to its full potential

Sending effective sales emails doesn’t have to be a slow, torturous process.

Instead of dragging along, sending only a few emails at a time and spending tons of manual work on each separate message, you can knock out your email blasts in record time.

Spend a few minutes and set up a killer pitch that skyrockets sales in record time.

Write one email that doubles the conversion rate of your standard campaigns.

Change your way of doing business with just a few clicks.

It isn’t impossible—it’s just a few steps away.

Reclaim your time now.