Infographic: Disrupting Internal Communication Tools


We live in a disruptive world, where new tools and technologies are constantly changing the way we work.

The internal comms industry is no exception and has evolved in many ways, drastically changing the way communicators interact and engage with internal audiences.

With the changing landscape of organizations, both large and small, communicators must find new ways to create an effective communication channel with employees.

Here are a few tools that are disrupting the Internal Comms industry:


  1. Intranets: To keep it simple, intranet is basically an internal website that helps employees get things done. It’s a platform that gives employees authorized access within an organization and is mainly used for internal communication and collaboration.
  2. Instant Messaging: With the rise of platforms such as Slack and Jostle, busy employees and managers can instantly connect and collaborate on multiple projects. IM platforms helps team work together and reduce dependency on more traditional communication platforms such as email.
  3. Internal Blogs: We all love reading blogs, so why not have a company blog that employees can access to experience fast and informal ideas and information relating to their job and/or their organization?
  4. Forums: Forums provide modern workplaces a vital advantage – open communication for employees, managers, and even executive leadership.
  5. Email: Old-school but still the most important form of business communication. The modern workplace is buzzing with endless connectivity, and the greatest way to engage with employees in a low-cost and broad scale measure remains with email.

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