ContactMonkey now offers a pretty exciting way to personalize emails right from Outlook. Say hello to Mail Merge in Outlook.

This feature allows you to send personalized messages, employee newsletters and more to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts at once using merge fields.

But why should you care about how to use Mail Merge in Outlook?


 1. You’ll Get More Responses.Mail Merge in Outlook

Research shows that personalized messages get much higher response rates. Write one message that gets personalized to a mass list, but keeps the feel of a one-on-one message.

2. You’ll Get More Done.

Mail Merge in Outlook

We got pretty sick of going through thousands of steps using Word Mail Merge just to send a personalized message in Outlook. Now, you don’t have to leave Outlook to send a Mail Merge.

3. You’ll Get Better Data.

Mail Merge in Outlook

You need data to know what’s happening and to make the best decisions. You can track every Mail Merge you send and get real-time insights on a range of key metrics.

How Mail Merge in Outlook works

Fire up Outlook Mail Merge by clicking this trusty icon — built into your Outlook ribbon so you can perform a Mail Merge whenever you want.

Mail Merge in Outlook

It’s the same… but different.

You’ve now launched the Outlook Mail Merge application — which looks, feels, and acts the same as your regular Outlook compose window — only you’re now capable of sending personalized messages in bulk.

Mail Merge in Outlook

On your marks…

First, Upload your list of contacts…

Mail Merge in Outlook

…and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

When you upload it, you’ll notice in the left hand column of the screen that there are some merge fields imported from the actual CSV.

Drag Away

Now you can personalize the message to each recipient, based on who it gets delivered to. All you need to is drag in the merge fields, which can be dragged into the subject or the body of the message.

Mail Merge in Outlook

Great. You’ve whipped up a quick message, and each of your recipients will receive an email that looks completely personalized.

Preview & Review

If you want to make sure everything’s right, click the preview button.

Mail Merge in Outlook

This lets you see exactly what your merge tags are doing and what your recipients will see — right from your compose window.

The preview is conveniently fixed on your Outlook ribbon so you don’t have to click around or waste time. We’ve got you covered.

Mail Merge in Outlook

All that’s left to do now is actually send the message…

…But wait!

You have a few special options before you do send.

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Track Your Message

As always, you can use email tracking to track the message and see who has opened it or clicked any link inside it.

Mail Merge in Outlook

BCC to Salesforce

And, if you’re a Salesforce Integration user, you can BCC the message to Salesforce. In one click.

Mail Merge in Outlook

Plan of Attach

Finally, we support attachments — So you can include an attachment with your Mail Merge and everyone will get it.

Mail Merge in Outlook

Sweet replies

Ready to send? Fantastic. Fire away and wait for those sweet leads to roll in.

Time saved = more money made.

Mail Merge in Outlook

Statistics, Ahoy!

It just wouldn’t be a ContactMonkey feature without real-time, in-depth insights. See how your merge performs by observing your open rates, click rates and more.

Mail Merge in Outlook

Amazing, isn’t it?

There you have it! That’s how to use mail merge in Outlook.


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See Mail Merge in Outlook in Action


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