How to Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail

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One of Salesforce’s greatest features is the ability to add an email to Salesforce. This feature enables all of the emails you’re sending out to be logged against the proper lead or contact, helping you run proper activity reports and giving your whole excellent visibility into the communication you’re having with all of your clients and prospects.

This all sounds great, but if you’re a Gmail user, you’d save tons of time with the ability to Bcc an Email to Salesforce right from your Gmail inbox.

How to Bcc Email to Salesforce from Gmail

We built ContactMonkey as a beautiful and, above all, simple integration between Salesforce and Gmail. So how do you add an Email to Salesforce from Gmail using ContactMonkey? It’s crazy easy.

1. Install ContactMonkey to Gmail using Chrome from here

2. After installation Reload Chrome

3. Now every email you send you will be able to add the email to Salesforce by ticking the Bcc to Salesforce box. If you want to add every email to Salesforce then tick Bcc to Salesforce and then click on Set As Default. Here’s what it looks like:

how to bcc email to salesforce



 Now that’s easy! Let’s get going.

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