Let’s talk about Gmail, and why we need Gmail Salesforce integration. Business has changed, we use more and more cloud services like gmail. Small and mid sized businesses are realizing they don’t need to spend big money on building internal infrastructure. Gone are the days when everything has to be in house and maintained by in house staff. Cloud and Saas have become the way to do business in the 21st century. If we are doing more with less, then we need to do our best to increase our efficiency like using gmail salesforce integration.

I was lucky enough to get an invite to gmail just before the public beta, and it quickly become my personal email of choice. My hotmail account had become a cesspool of spam and advertising. I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance of keeping it clean enough to use. Gmail and it’s search functionality completely changed the way we use webmail. Not having to constantly be cleaning up or sorting my email meant I didn’t have to focus on a mundane, boring task instead of doing the things I wanted to do (or that my manager wants me to be doing :).

Over 500 million people use Gmail

We talked about how email has grown and continues to grow exponentially. 500 million people use Gmail and the gmail app has been downloaded over 1 billion times. (Source) If the way we are doing business and using email is changing then we need new tools, like gmail salesforce integration to help be more successful.

As of April 2014 it has been estimated that 60% of mid sized businesses use gmail (from Wikipedia). Gmail is no longer just a personal alternative to hotmail or yahoo mail. It is how many companies are conducting their business. Not to mention all the entrepreneurs or small start ups who use it. As of June 2012: It’s being used by government agencies in 45 states and 66 of the top 100 universities in the U.S., over 5 million businesses have now “gone Google.” (from TechCrunch) Clearly we need business tools like gmail salesforce integration in today’s world.

Now in 2015 we spend most of our time working in “The Cloud”, we use cloud based webmail, we use cloud based CRMs (Salesforce.com) but what we need is a way to integrate our gmail with our Salesforce.com. We can do all of that with ContactMonkey. You do your business in your email, send out your promotions, track down your leads, get new leads all from your email. What if you could also update/maintain salesforce at the same time?

Gmail Salesforce Integration will save you time and money!

CM SidebarContactMonkey lets you access your Salesforce right in your gmail. You can log a sales call, update a contact or a lead, and see your open activities and activity history right in the ContactMonkey sidebar. Think of all the time you will save just by updating your Salesforce right from your email. If one of your leads sends you an email to let you know about a new phone number or address, you can update that right in your Gmail. If you need to call one of your contacts, after you have looked up their details in your email you can log that sales call right from your Gmail. All while still being able to track your emails and seeing what subjects and messages generate the most opens and clicks. Gmail salesforce integration is a powerful productivity increasing tool.

Let’s go through an example of how Gmail Salesforce integration can work for you:

  • You receive a reply from one of your Leads to a promotion you sent out.
  • This Lead wants to find out more about your promotion, you need to create an Opportunity in Salesforce to track this enquiry.
  • From your Gmail you can Create an Opportunity, add all the details you need and save it. All from your Gmail window without switching windows or copy/pasting (or even retyping) data.

Compare this to how you update a Lead without gmail salesforce integration:

  • You receive a reply from one of your Leads to a promotion you sent out.
  • You leave your Gmail and flip into Salesforce
  • Search for the account/lead.
  • You create an opportunity.
  • You reply to the email with the request information.
  • You go back to Salesforce and update the activity history of the account/lead/opportunity.
  • You do a bunch of copy/pasting or retying things out between your email and salesforce.
  • You copy some details into the wrong field and have to start again.
  • Maybe you hit cancel instead of save, or you enter everything and forget to hit save and it just sits in a forgotten browser tab, maybe never being saved at all.

Ok some of this may be a slight exaggeration, think about a normal, busy, crazy day. People call even when you are in the middle of updating something in Salesforce, they come to your desk with questions even when you are reading your email. Of course they do. We are bombarded all the time with phone calls, emails, instant messages and walk ups. We get very little time each day where we can completely focus and concentrate on doing just one thing at a time to completion. We need to do things quickly before we are interrupted and make sure we get our important data to where it will do the most good. Gmail salesforce integration is a great tool for doing just this.

And hopefully you have this kind of chance at gmail salesforce integration several times a day! Just think of how productive you will be. You will be spending more time doing the tasks that matter, and less time on mundane data entry/admin tasks. Even the simple updates to contacts/leads can save you time. Updating a phone number or address, logging a sales call are all just a few clicks away right in the ContactMonkey sidebar within your gmail.

I hope I have been able to show you how you can succeed using basic gmail salesforce integration. I want to  save you a little bit of time each day, help you spend more time and effort doing the things that matter.

Spend time on what matters most