When it comes to email writing, every marketer seems to be a “guru” or an “expert”, incessantly offering tips and tricks on the latest trends.

But the trouble is, while advice based on someone’s personal experience is one way to come to conclusions on email performance – the sources behind that advice are often flimsy.

Basing your email writing on hard data – preferably that from a large sample size – is a much more watertight solution to crafting successful subject lines and boosting your open rates.

Email Writing: The Best Email Subject Line for Salespeople

ContactMonkey loves industry advice as much as the next primate, but as long as that advice isn’t backed up by something quantitative, it’s unlikely to have much of a real impact on your email performance.

And so, we hit the lab – big time – to collect, crunch, and pull insights from 30 million email subject lines. The results – squeezed into the infographic below – are compelling, fascinating, and often very unexpected.

email writing

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