One of Salesforce’s simplest and most powerful features is Email to Salesforce. Why? Great question! Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it. If you log emails inside of Salesforce then your whole team will see what emails have been sent to the lead or contact. This makes for great company-wide communication. And it also makes it easy for the boss to run activity reports. Everyone wins!

But what if email to Salesforce is not working. All of that important data wouldn’t get uploaded into Salesforce. The team wouldn’t know who was sending what to whom, the boss wouldn’t be able to run great activity reports, and worst of all if one team member were to leave the company all of their communication would be gone. But don’t fret! It’s usually very simple to understand why email to Salesforce is not working and to fix it. Follow these easy steps.

What To Do When Email to Salesforce Is Not Working

1. Install ContactMonkey to Outlook or Gmail

ContactMonkey’s integration between Salesforce & Outlook/Gmail allows you to automatically enable email to Salesforce for every email you’re sending. It’s ridiculously simple. Once installed you won’t need to remember to email to Salesforce ever again. Yippee!

2. Enable Email to Salesforce for your Organization

It’s super quick & easy to enable Email to Salesforce across your organization. Click on:

Setup | Administration Setup | Email Administration | Email to Salesforce

Make sure you tick Active

3. Untick ‘Advanced Email Security Settings’

This is one of the most common problems. If this is ticked we recommend that you untick it.

4. Populate ‘My Acceptable Email Addresses’

Another common problem is that users are sending emails from multiple email accounts, but they haven’t configured Salesforce to accept emails from all accounts. It’s easy to fix. Go to:

Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce or Yourname | My Settings | Email | My Email to Salesforce

In the section My Acceptable Email Addresses make sure all of the emails you’re sending from are included in that list.

5. Check for Duplicates

Many times email to Salesforce is working properly, but the emails are being sent to a duplicate record. You can do a quick search in Salesforce to see if another record with the same email exists. If so merge those records together. Also you can tell Salesforce where to send the email if duplicate records are found. They can be sent to:

a) All records

b) The oldest record

c) The record with the most activity

You can setup your preferences at:

Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce or Yourname | My Settings | Email | My Email to Salesforce

Note: The email to Salesforce feature will only work with emails located in the standard email field. It won’t work with custom email fields.

Email to Salesforce is not Working – Fixed!

Install ContactMonkey to Outlook or Gmail