Email Marketing Influencers

email marketing influencers

“The multitude of books is making us stupid,” said the French philosopher Voltaire in the 18th century. If he were alive today, he would probably say the same thing about Tweets. After all, the human race sends out a mind-boggling 200 billion every year. That’s 500 million tweets every day. That’s 350,000 tweets every minute. That’s an astonishing 6000 tweets every second.

As any savvy email marketer knows, one of the fastest and easiest ways to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly-evolving industry is to follow the leaders – to consult the insight of those professionals whose expertise has propelled them to the summit of the field. But when your Twitter feed is bombarded with thousands of pieces content – and when the industry is so saturated with self-proclaimed “influencers” – it can be difficult to identify who you should even bother following.

In that spirit, we’re profiling the Twitter accounts of 5 email marketing influencers whose work stands out from the crowd – in an industry that is, of course, pretty much defined by making things do just that.


The quality of Dennis Wakabayashi’s digital and email marketing strategies has brought him to the marketing departments of some of the most famous brands on the planet: McDonald’s, Beck’s Beer, and Mary Kay are among the prestigious companies that have sought his services.

Wakabayashi offers a masterful understanding of even the subtlest aspects of email marketing.  He is particularly interested in getting to the core of what drives consumer behavior and is constantly striving to improve the “customer journey.”

“Regardless of any motivation, every consumer journey starts with an instinctual feeling or curiosity about a product or brand.”


McDonald is an author, speaker, and media spokesperson whose work focuses expertly on the latest trends and best practices in email marketing. His Twitter page is an excellent source of email marketing insight, featuring a steady stream of posts, commentary, and observation that will help you fine-tune your email marketing performance.

A funny, accessible, and authoritative writer with an outstanding attention to detail, McDonald loves to question even our most basic email marketing assumptions.

“One of the biggest problems with email marketing is that it’s easy to be mediocre and still achieve decent results and ROI.”

Seth Godin

Email marketing has undergone an incredible number of changes in the last 15 years – and few people can claim to have been working in the field for all of them. Email marketing and automation consultant Jordie van Rijn is one of those few.

Van Rijn has lent his expertise to a variety of important marketing companies and continues to provide valuable insight in his excellent blog posts, commonly seen on his page, Emailmonday, and on the GetResponse blog. In addition to his site, Email Vendor Selection, van Rijn’s Twitter page offers a wealth of knowledge valuable to email marketers of all levels of experience.

“In email marketing we are always talking about conversion, experience, making smart use of data and testing. But have you ever thought about how your emails reflect on the image a recipient has of your company?”


He has more than a decade of experience in email marketing. He’s the winner of over 25 industry awards. He’s a DMA “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” nominee. There’s a reason almost 35,000 Twitter followers closely watch his insights and analysis: Philip Storey is one of the most prolific and important email marketing influencers active today.

In addition to his excellent Twitter, you can find some of his work at his Enchant author page as well as in numerous interviews and commentary pieces for a variety of leading media outlets.

“It is crucial to tap into the emotional side of your audience, not just the consumer side, and email marketing is a great channel for leveraging customer emotions.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Since he swapped journalism for marketing in the mid-2000s, Chad White has become something of an authority on the topic of e-mail. An analyst and researcher for the likes of Responsys and Salesforce, he is quite possibly the most published author on the topic of email, having written a staggering 3000+ posts on the subject. White has also written one of the definitive books about email entitled Email Marketing Rules (featuring a foreword by Jay Baer).

He’s also the creator of the continually insightful and wonderfully written site of the same name, a page where he writes about email by looking at the “best practices of this complex, often misunderstood channel as you craft the best executions for your brand”.

“…I’ve long argued that being an open platform is key to email’s strength and staying power—and why no one will ever come even close to matching email.”

Following the work of any industry’s influencers is one of the easiest ways to stay relevant. With that in mind, study the work of these professionals, listen to their words, and drink in their insights: their pages offer a wealth of knowledge that can help make any marketer’s emails sharper and more effective than ever before.

Who are your go-to email marketing influencers? Join the conversation below to let us know.

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