It has never been easier to provide timely responses to common queries. 

This week we launched ContactMonkey Templates for Gmail. We now support Salesforce Email Templates across Gmail and Outlook. ContactMonkey Templates facilitate streamlined integration with your Salesforce Email Templates. They allow you to respond to everyday questions from your inbox with a pre-designed response template.

Create Salesforce Email Templates

We know Salesforce can be a little intimidating. To get you started, we have scoured the interweb for a few great resources to get you started:

  1. The original Salesforce Superhero, Salesforce Ben, shares his tutorial on creating email templates.
  2. RainForce, another blog devoted to Salesforce, covers 3 ways to save time by creating email templates in Salesforce. It covers the types of emails you can create along with a very simple outline on how to set up an email template.  
  3. If the very idea of a Salesforce blog is intimidating, check out how to create an email template in Salesforce from Wikihow. It has images and starts at the very beginning – Logging in.
  4. Looking for a dead simple, step by step guide, but familiar enough with Salesforce that you don’t require a photographic guide? has a guide on how to create personal email templates in Salesforce.

Two key takeaways on how to create Salesforce Email Templates:

  1. You do not need to be an admin on your corporate Salesforce account to create Salesforce Email Templates. Save time daily by setting up your own text-based templates in a personal folder in your CRM to respond to questions you receive often.
  2. When setting up the Email Template, use Merge functionality to automatically personalize email content. Automatically pull in fields from any Salesforce object (custom or standard) such as ‘First Name’ or ‘Account Name’ to speed up the process with each response.

Do you have a go-to resource for Salesforce information? Let us know in the comments.