Salesforce Email Templates in Gmail

You see them in your inbox all the time – glaringly short, incredibly repetitive, the routine questions you receive every day from a client or team member. Time to respond to the same inquiry for the 1000th time.

As a software company, we understand that sending the same email over and over is part of everyday life as the organization grows. We also recognize that the need to send repetitive emails isn’t limited to the sales team. This is why we’ve compiled six ways teams can benefit from Gmail email templates, that syncs their 

We compiled six ways teams can benefit from bringing Email Templates Salesforce into their Gmail inbox

As a Sales rep:

Focus on your most meaningful interactions and let technology save you time with easy-to-answer or common questions. Sales cycles often feature many of the same questions, whether in the qualifying stage (“Can I have one year free to trial your software?”) or later on in the objection handling stage (“Do you have a guide on how you compare to your competitor?”). Save your most common responses for an easy send from your Gmail inbox – leaving more time to drive meaningful relationships.

As an Account Manager:

You receive the same questions from clients…often. Save your responses to simple questions around functionality or integration and focus on providing value to key accounts instead.  

As a Customer Success Manager:

We know CSMs often have a cadence for reporting to your client each week. Every Monday, you share performance results for the week prior. Save the general content of your emails as a template in Salesforce so you know the outline is good to go. Each week you can change up the attachment and highlights, and voila, your email is good to go.

Many CSMs also cover support and field client inquiries, perhaps the most repetitive aspect of the role. Save your common responses (“Yes, we support Gmail and Salesforce integration in Chrome.”) and cut your response time. This provides more time to focus on the more complicated queries and opportunities for upsell.

As a Human Resources professional:

You’ve done it – the ideal candidate has provided their resume and is interested in moving forward with interviewing. No matter the role, you can predict the question coming in: “What benefits do you offer employees?”. Click on your Salesforce Templates in Gmail, load your response, and hit send. Then keep your fingers crossed they aren’t interviewing with Acuity, because you don’t have a 65 foot indoor ferris wheel.

Of course, not everyone communicates with clients on a daily basis. We also love templates for internal communication, but you didn’t hear it from us.

As a Marketer:

“How much do we have in stock?” is a common one for any marketing team to ask when selling a physical good – especially if your marketing promotion is doing a little better than forecasted. Another one you can use when chatting with your production or sales team? The answer to the important question: “What were our average weekly sales last week?” Save the template with blanks for KPIs and spend your time on revenue generating activities.

As a Finance professional:

Anyone who has ever used their personal card for work will be familiar with the age-old question “How do I submit my expenses?” and “When are my expenses due?” Finance, we feel your pain. Save your answers in Salesforce and respond with the click of a button.

How will you use ContactMonkey Email Templates Salesforce?

Have an example of responses you would love to save as a template? Join the conversation in the comments below! Your answer just might pop up in a future blog post.