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How to Use Virtual Reality in Corporate Communications

For the past couple of years, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have excitingly risen in prominence. From the use of virtual reality in corporate communications, to the groundbreaking success of games like Pokemon Go, there are clear signs that we're all ready for these technologies. What this means for internal comms professionals trying [...]

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How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms (Free Webinar)

FREE Webinar: How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms Internal communications is an important department in any top-performing organization. You know that, we know that. However, there seems to be a disconnect between how internal communicators see themselves and how the rest of the organization perceives them. As we've covered before, some see IC [...]

FREE Webinar: Leveraging the Power of Internal Comms in an Era of Disruption

FREE Webinar: Leveraging the Power of Internal Comms in an Era of Disruption We are living in a digitally disruptive world. It’s pretty noisy out there! The only constant lately seems to be change. Whether it's the external environment of heightened anxiety around social and political issues, or internal organizational environments that are dealing with [...]

Introducing: Email Template Builder for Internal Communicators in Outlook

Our new email template builder enables you to choose from and edit dozens of beautiful templates — or make your own using easy-to-use drag and drop content blocks. The ContactMonkey Email Template Builder coupled with your Outlook Mail Merge tool truly gives you the best of both worlds: the power of the cloud without having [...]

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Enhancing Employee Satisfaction: Using Video to Transform Your Internal Comms

Since the dawn of time, humans have been drawn to visual messages. It therefore goes without saying that having a solid internal communications strategy, with video as front and center, will go a long way in helping you boost employee satisfaction and engagement.   Are your employees actively disengaged at work? Are you serious about [...]

9 Epic Internal Communication Tools for Online Collaboration in 2018

The modern workplace is evolving. With the rise of information technology, employees can now work from any location, making it integral for internal communicators to introduce innovative communication tools that strive to bolster employee engagement. The problem is there are now so many different types of online collaboration tools in action that it’s often overwhelming [...]

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Choosing Internal Communication Channels in 2018: The Slack vs. Email Battle

With the rise of disruptive internal communication tools and various communication channels such as Jostle and Slack, the biggest debate within the communications fold has been regarding the possible death of email. Internal communicators around the globe want to know if email, as one of the key communications channel, will continue to survive in the near future? [...]

Sales Enablement Tools: Not Sure What’s the Hype? We Break It Down for You in These 5 Simple Tips

Sales Enablement Tools: Not Sure What’s the Hype? We Break It down for You in These 5 Simple Tips   Hearing a lot about sales enablement lately? If you’re in the B2B selling space, you most definitely have. While some may think it’s just another broadly used term, recent findings suggest that sales enablement is [...]

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How Much Does Salesforce Actually Cost in 2018? A Behind-the-Scenes Breakdown

Salesforce pricing is confusing for any sales team looking for the perfect CRM. There’s no way around it. Doesn’t help that they’ve got like, what, 932 products?!  (Actually, it’s 1,700. But who’s counting?) How Much Does Salesforce Actually Cost in 2018? Their Salesforce pricing page is loaded with countless features, complex plans, and, [...]